Common Sense

Cavuto: Stop Rushing the Spending

Money spent quickly is never spent wisely


I don't know about you but I’ve never done anything a rush.

Any term paper I was scrambling to get done the night before...

Any test on a book I just opened hours before...

Forget it.


I learned early. Be early. Be ready.

Because do anything too fast, you just fall on your...hiney.

It's human nature.

That's what happens with rush jobs. They become snow jobs.

The healthcare law's a good example.

You remember, Nancy Pelosi’s, "We have to pass the bill, so you can find out what's in it."

We later did.

Not good.

Because that's the difference with Congress rushing things and you and me rushing things.

Congress wastes a lot more money.

Our money.

But here's the thing...They keep wasting it. They keep refusing to learn from it.

These next 24 hours are a perfect example.

Politicians scrambling to spend billions of dollars by tomorrow... Because if they don't, the billions go.

The deadline's up.

The spigot's closed...

So they're practically shoveling the billions out.

Even if it means shoveling stuff that hasn't exactly panned out.

Green energy stuff, Solyndra-like stuff...

Fear not the half billion dollar lost there... Much more promising bets here.

But they don't know... And when I ask the politicians scrambling to spend that dough, they can't even say...

So we proceed on a hunch, and some luck, in a rush.

...even in the face of history that is quite clear.

Stimulus checks to convicts in prison.

And corpses... In the ground.

Medicare prescriptions for patients long gone...

Some written by doctors long dead.

Yet the waste, and the rush, alive and well.

You'd think we'd learn that money spent quickly is rarely spent wisely.

But then again this is Washington...

Where every day is like a Toyota-thon.

Without the brakes...


Without the brakes.