Common Sense

Cavuto: U.S. Is Broke

Why do we keep spending when we are so deeply in debt?


The healthcare law that wouldn't cost.

But sure is proving costly.

The premiums that wouldn't be rising.

But right about now are rocketing.

The green investments that'd make us green.

Now only leaving us deeper in the red.

Banks that were too big to fail...

Now even bigger.

Housing culprits like Fannie and Freddie...

Now even free'er.

A country promised to make the grade.

Now losing its very top grade.

Home prices that would rebound....but haven't.

Lending that would rekindle...but hasn't.

Antsy buyers who'd tip-toe back...but won't.

Free-spending politicians who'd change their ways...but can't.

Sometimes you don't need to smell the smoke to see the fire.

Sometimes you just see the fire to know you're getting smoked.

Paying for rescues that don't rescue.

And bailouts that themselves need bailing out.

Repeating the mistakes that got us here...

And assuming spending more will make the difference here.

Sometimes it takes a series of things to see we haven't learned a thing.

Like healthcare costing more.

Homes worth less.

And faith in government now at just about its worst.

One man cannot change this.

But one man can make a bigger mess denying this.

Deeper in debt but still spending.

Spiraling out of control and now...just spent.

Because we're not only losing jobs.

We're losing the folks who create jobs.

That's why Europeans lecture us.

The continent we free'ed no longer respects us.

That's what happens when you're broke.

Pretty soon, your ideas are broke too.

Out of money.

Out of options.

Out of time.

No, you don't have to be know...

We're fried.