Michael Moore's Warning for the Rich

Power of the left based on an implied threat?


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: On a cable access network seen by 12 people currently housed in a mental health facility, filmmaker Michael Moore had something to say about the pathetic protests on Wall Street. I believe it was on a program called "Breakdown with Kevin Olbermann." I think it is filmed in a storage locker under an overpass. He has a warning for the rich.


MICHAEL MOORE, ACTIVIST: And the smart rich know they can only build the gates so high and sooner or later history proves that people when they have had enough aren't going to take it anymore. And it's much better to deal with this nonviolently now through the political system than what could possibly happen in the future which nobody wants to see.


GUTFELD: Yes, nobody wants to see. That is why you brought it up.

But really if this warning of violence isn't class warfare, then what is? And it boils down to one simple fact: The power of the left is based on an implied threat -- if you don't give it to us, someday we will take it from you. You saw it in England: looting camouflaged as rage. It's really just greed exercised by people whose sole achievement is a nose ring.

While the Tea Party embraces spirit of the American Revolution through the principles of the founders, the left refers to the French Revolution where you cut throats and ask questions later. But of course, it is the crazy right wingers and tri-corner hats we have to worry about. Those hats are pointy.

I sent Bill Schulz from "Red Eye" down to the Wall Street protests -- I think it was a couple days ago -- and we will air the whole thing tonight on "Red Eye." But here's a glimpse of what those peaceful people are like.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE PROTESTER: You are as ignorant as you are ugly.

BILL SCHULTZ, 'RED EYE': That sounds like a back handed compliment.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are nothing -- nothing but a piece of trash.

SCHULZ: You are like a female Greg Gutfeld. I am not getting paid to be insulted like this, madam.


GUTFELD: You can catch the rest of that tonight at 3 a.m.

This is the second time, Dana, somebody has mentioned rioting. Mayor Bloomberg said it. Do you think civil unrest is around the corner?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I hope not. I don't think so. I do think that we are missing -- that Michael Moore would do himself a favor if he went on "The Biggest Loser" because then he could have all of the attention in the world and do himself some good.

GUTFELD: You are looking out for him.

PERINO: I always look out for him.

The civil unrest piece, the think that is interesting about that is that this very week the reports about crime in this country have been way down and sociologists are thinking how does this work? Because we've gotten better at policing and locking some criminals away. They're also wondering how is crime going down when the recession has gotten worse or the economy has gotten worse and people don't know that. I think we are much farther away from that type of violence than he's describing.

GUTFELD: We have too many great things, right?

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: Yes, we don't want to break them.


GUTFELD: What do you think? They compare themselves to the Arab Spring.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: That's such a joke. How do you take those people seriously or Michael Moore? He is totally irresponsible. He better hope that someone doesn't act out and engage in violence or do that because he knows the double standard here. It is OK for the left to say we will get violent and crazy on you and we going to do this. But if the other side says it oh, no, you're hostile, you are responsible for wars, you're responsible for this.

TANTAROS: Think about what he's saying. I actually don't want you to think about what he is saying because he is such a loser as Dana pointed out without going on the show. He actually wants violence. This is what they want. Violence will actually invoke change. Is this their only best hope?

GUTFELD: Bob, why is that --


PERINO: Are you friends with him?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: I am friends with him --

GUTFELD: He seems like he's actually a nice guy.

GUILFOYLE: No, he is not.


BECKEL: He is a nice guy. He's also a guy who did a wonderful film exposing the Iraq war for what it was.

GUTFELD: But we're not talking about that, Bob. We are talking about why are pacifists so violent.

BECKEL: Can I -- wait a minute. These people were on Wall Street --

GUTFELD: Yes, they're evil.

BECKEL: They should be on Wall Street. They should close down Wall Street. It is Wall Street that brought us the great recession. A lot of people are out of work because --

PERINO: I thought it was Bush.

BECKEL: No, it wasn't Bush. If they can't get to their offices they can't collect their billion dollar bonuses. Now I think that is a good thing to do. I want to see some perp walks. I want to see a bunch of these investment bankers perp walked out.

GUTFELD: Even if they've done nothing wrong?

BECKEL: They haven't done anything wrong?


GUTFELD: You're just saying all the guys need to be perp walked. You want them prevented from going to work.

BECKEL: Everybody who bundled cheap mortgages and sold them ought to be going to jail.

TANTAROS: Would you support Chris Dodd? How about Barney Frank?

BECKEL: I support the Dodd-Frank Bill. But leaving that aside --

GUTFELD: They are just as guilty as anybody on Wall Street.

BECKEL: Greg, there is the largest disparity in this country now between the wealthy and the middle class than there ever has been.

GUTFELD: You are OK with --


BECKEL: I don't agree with calling for violence. But I tell you this, I certainly call for civil disrest if it's necessary.


PERINO: Think about what Bob just said -- that disparity is greater, I don't know if it is the greatest ever.

BECKEL: It is.

PERINO: The greatest now. And crime is way down. Just flies in the face of what Michael Moore is saying.

BECKEL: And is that a reason where you are defending the rich being that much richer?

PERINO: I'm just saying it is not parallel.

GUTFELD: We got to move on, got to take a break. They are yelling in my ear.

GUILFOYLE: Those are the voices in your head, not the control room.

GUTFELD: Really? I keep thinking I'm on a show. It is a dream, isn't it?

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