Rhetoric of Class Warfare

Sarah Palin reacts to president's proposed tax hike, economic policy


SEAN HANNITY, HOST OF “HANNITY”: The rhetoric of class warfare resurrected from Democratic playbooks of past campaigns. It's back, alive, it's kicking, and it's reaching new heights under this administration. Now, with the next election just around the corner it looks like the anointed one will stake his entire reelection bid on that theme.

Now, he's taking the story of rich versus poor pitting his billionaire friends like Warren Buffet against the rest of us. And he's taking it all across the country delivering speeches in places like Washington, D.C., New York City, Raleigh, North Carolina, Columbus, Ohio. The goal, one-and-a- half trillion dollars in new taxes. Now, GOP candidates will have the chance to respond to the president's latest defensive. And the gauntlet that he has laid down for the 2012 race, it will take place Thursday in the primary debate hosted right here at the Fox News Channel, it's Thursday, it's in Orlando. I'll be down there. And joining me now for advice for the candidates, her take on the anointed one's latest policy initiative, former Alaska Governor, Fox News contributor Sarah Palin.

Governor, how are you? Welcome back.

SARAH PALIN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I'm doing great, thank you, Sean.

HANNITY: All right. First of all, you know, none of this is new. It’s all recycled rhetoric by the president. Wants a trillion and a half. And we find out from the AP, we'll go into this in detail later that in fact, the president’s wrong. The wealthiest Americans pay much higher in terms of taxes total and percentage than the middle class and the poor. How do we characterize what the president is saying?

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PALIN: Well, this is more of the same. And it’s going to lead to more failed economic policy. We shouldn't be surprised. Obama as a candidate, he promised us that he would try to fundamentally transform America. And that he was into redistributing wealth and that is part of that class warfare that he wants to engage in. But the rest of us should be above it and not allow him to get away with that this time. What he's doing this time Sean, really is underestimating the wisdom of the people. We know that increasing tax rates on anybody, regardless of income at a time of economic will certainly will not grow the economy, will not allow private sector jobs to be created. He's really under estimating the electorate on this one.

HANNITY: All right. But the lower income households in this country, people that make $50,000 to $75,000 a year, they pay 15 percent of their income in federal taxes. The wealthy; those that make a million dollars a year, the millionaires that he talks about, big difference between millionaires and billionaires by the way. But there's 267,000 Americans in 2009 that filed as millionaires. They pay on average 29.1 percent. Now, the President said, they’re not paying their fair share. And that Warren Buffet's secretary is paying more. I don't know what Warren Buffet secretary is doing, but that is not the case for the 99.9 percent of people in that category. So, what are we to make of the president's comments?

PALIN: The president is way off on his math for one. And I hope that you will get into what the AP did in terms of fact checking. I so appreciate that they just wanted to get to their readers, some information that helps us make better decisions. And I appreciate that they called the president on some of these -- you know, I call them lies. Because I think surely, the president is too smart to not have people around him with a calculator and can tell us truly what people's tax rates are and what his proposals will result in new tax rates been.

Warren Buffet too, he's totally incorrect in trying to make Americans believe that -- his secretary would be paying a lower tax rate than he is, as a billionaire. Because he's trying to make the suggestion that his tax rate is based on just his income. And we know that, you know, some of the semantics that he’s even used in the piece that he wrote is I believe used to confuse people and use to gin up his class warfare rhetoric. And glad that the AP and that you have fact-checked it and we can explain more about it.

HANNITY: Yes. Well, I was giving you the figures from that AP fact check. And by the way, I have a message for Warren Buffet, put up or shut up. If you want to pay more in taxes, write a check to the federal government, lead by example and stop lecturing the rest of country.

PALIN: And Sean, we can't allow him to just be able to sit back, fight the federal government for a decade now over his one billion dollar tax bill that’s still out outstanding, and trying to, you know, throw stones from a far saying, doggone it, he's not charged enough in taxes. And yet, he's disputing the taxes that he does owe the American government.

HANNITY: Yes. Pretty interesting, isn't it? This has gone on for a long period of time. All right. So, I'm watching the president. I'm watching his rhetoric and then I'm thinking, all right, if you were you in these debates on Thursday night. And maybe you’ll show up, I don't know. You could make a big announcement here tonight. But if you were in the debates on Thursday night, what would your message be?

PALIN: We have to make sure that our candidates are really articulating what their governing philosophy is and their understanding of the fact that government doesn't create jobs, it is the private sector of course that grows the economy.

So, I want to know what these candidates' records are. What have they been able to show on a local and state level that they have done to create jobs, to reduce tax rates and to rein in the growth of government in their local communities and their states, and maybe the districts that they represent? I don't want to just hear rhetoric about them putting up their dukes and fighting for the right things. I want to know their track record of success. So, certainly, I hope that they're going to be able to prove to voters, to potential supporters out there that they can walk the walk not just talk the talk.

HANNITY: All right. How do they deal with the president's hard lurch to the left, and not just the president but Democrats, the liberals in this country. Because I think this was an appeal by the president to shore up his base, he's got the lowest number approval ratings with the base of the Democratic Party. They're angry with him. They feel he's lost his way.

But, you know, between the attacks against the Tea Party as wanting African-Americans hanging from trees and sons of bitches that can go straight to hell, and all of this rhetoric which he by the way, wouldn't denounce, all of these things combined in the president's class warfare rhetoric, it seems a decision has been made, a strategy’s been adopted. Do you think that strategy can work?

PALIN: Well, let him go back to that. 20 percent of the American population that is that far left where he comes from. That is his base. Let him go there, that's only 20 percent of the population. Independent Americans and fiscal conservatives have that common sense understanding that the private sector will be able to grow the jobs and not growing more centralized government that Obama wants to do. Let him go that far left and don't even engage in making the arguments against such nonsensical policies that he has adopted.

Instead, let's talk about what truly will grow this economy. That's natural resource energy production here domestically, that's cutting tax rates not increasing tax rates. That's making sure that crony capitalism is finally tackled and eliminated in our federal government. That's all those things that many of us fiscal conservatives have talked about over these months. Let's discuss those and make sure that independent Americans are understanding that really, it's going to be the GOP this go round that’s going to affect positive change that our economy needs.

HANNITY: What do you think of Solyndra? You talked about crony capitalism. You're following that case. And we’re going to get into it in more detail later. And now, it's a number of examples. It’s expanded out, LightSquared and others, what are your thoughts on it?

PALIN: You’re going to be blown away by more and more examples that will surface Sean, with people researching what Obama's agenda has been in terms of crony capitalism and corporate welfare. People are going to be blown away. This is just the tip of the iceberg, this solar panel company that was given, you know, the half billion dollars.

What this one crony corporation of Obama's was given is more than 35 states were given to build their roads and their basic infrastructure in terms of federal monies going into their states. More than 35 states had fewer federal dollars returned to them than this solar company did. It’s sick, it’s pretty rampant though. There's a lot of pay for play here in the Obama administration. It’s been on both sides of the aisles of course in American history. But you're going to see some very blatant examples. The Solar Company is just one of the examples.

HANNITY: All right, Governor. Stay right there.

When we come back, I want you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates as they go into Thursday's debate right here on the Fox News Channel.

Also, I got to ask you the question. If you are thinking about running? We'll going to have much more with Governor Palin right after the break.

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