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Cavuto: GOP Candidates Need to Look at History

Perry is leading in polls now, but things change


Rick, meet Rudy.

Because it's time for a little history.

Right now, Texas Governor Rick Perry is leading all the polls in the Republican presidential contest.

It's still early.

But it's still impressive.

Just like it was impressive around this same time four years ago when former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani...

Was leading a then stumbling John McCain.

It was Rudy’s race to lose. And he did.

Just like it was a fellow named Henry "Scoop" Jackson’s race to lose back in 1976, among Democrats vying for the party's nomination. The Washington senator led 'em all by a mile...

Including this barely known former Georgia Governor named Jimmy Carter.

Remember him?

My only point in looking back, is be careful about what you say going forward.

Things change.

Positions change.

And the leader in the moment can be forgotten in a moment.

One bad showing, one calculated error.

Rudy put all his marbles in a race in Florida that he would never see.

Scoop Jackson on instant name recognition at the time, no one else among the Democrats could never top.

Until someone did.

Polls are snapshots, interesting snapshots, but snapped, then pretty much shot.

Just ask George Bush, senior, who once couldn't lose.

Until he did.

Or Bill Clinton, who everyone thought would fold.

But he didn't.

None of this is necessarily solace for Mitt Romney...nor sinister for Rick Perry...nor hopeless for all the other candidates eager to best 'em both.

Remember Rudy.

Remember Scoop.