Disarming the Toy Gun Menace

Anti-gun proponents zero in on kids


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: A fathers group in a Buffalo area pizzeria teamed up to buy back guns, toy guns from kids. We're talking Nerf and cap guns and anything that might make childhood a blast.

In exchange, the kids got free pizza, notebooks, and dress shirts. Yes, dress shirts. Can you believe it? Explain Leonard Lane, president of Fathers Armed Together to Help Educate Restore and Save -- see that spells "FATHERS," -- quote, "It makes them too comfortable holding that gun. Then there is no fear holding the real gun when they get older. We have want to put the fear back in our children, teaching them what guns can do, how they affect their community." Barf.

Captain caring, I guess he plans to burying these guns, but he might as well bury boyhood as well. Everything that makes childhood an adventure is eliminated, monkey bars, dodge ball or fake firearms. You can't play cops and robbers with bananas. You can, but it's messy. We know this will have no impact on crime. It's more feel-good pap aimed at adult to impress other adults. If dude was my bad I would be embarrassed. It's worse than showing up at your grade school drunk dressed as a hula girl. I hated that day.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: You mean last night.


GUTFELD: It was actually last night. This isn't a ban, just a concerned group. Do you think this will have an effect long-term reducing gun violence?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Not at all. This is like the kid version of Fast and Furious. Listen, there is nothing wrong with a father taking a son and teaching them how to use guns? We can't have a water gun anymore?

GUILFOYLE: It's fun.

GUTFELD: Bob, even you have to find this idea silly, correct?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: I don't find it silly. My old man was invited to the high school Christmas party and he fell in Christmas tree drunk. That made a big impression, everybody. My mother was not far behind.


BECKEL: Listen, a lot of guns, we have pictures here of water guns and that sort of things. A lot are these are made to look exactly like guns that are used in crime.


GUILFOYLE: I own all of these.

GUTFELD: That is when you rob a bank on mars.

BECKEL: There is something to be said taking gun out of circulation that appear to be -- cops are worried about this. I want to say to Eric, Eric has an unregistered gun his house.

BOLLING: Take his face when he says these things, trying not laugh.

BECKEL: You have unregistered gun at your house and I'm worried about you.


GUTFELD: Kimberley, what do you make of this? You're a lawyer.

GUILFOYLE: And a mom with a lot of toy guns. I'll put it out there or everybody in the neighborhood will call in on me. I have that one right there on the screen in the back. It's amazing. You can shoot it around -- really? Target pinpointed on me. Oh, we play.


GUILFOYLE: And 15 minutes after the show it will begin. I find this safe. They're not harmful. They're fun. I like squirt guns and water gun. They're fun to play with. I don't think it's a problem if you teach gun responsibility.

GUTFELD: Yes, with toy guns. Here is the thing. Kids don't like this, they love what their parents don't like. So if you tell them these things are bad, aren't they naturally going to want them more?

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: I definitely think so. That's how I was.

GUILFOYLE: How you are --

TANTAROS: How I am. This is wussification of America. When a burglar busts in the door, you are going to wish you had a gun.

BECKEL: Oh, yes, get them burglars.


TANTAROS: I'm serious.

BECKEL: I had my Annette Funicello sweatshirt. I liked her.



BOLLING: My son wanted an air soft, air gun, pellet gun. He wanted so it bad. No, no, no. I got it for him and sat down with him and showed him how to use it. He didn't want it anymore.

GUILFOYLE: You use it.

TANTAROS: Bob's kids are so good, if you've met them, because Bob doesn't say no to anything with the kids. They're well-behaved.

BECKEL: I don't allow my kids to have gun. I have a gun to hunt with, but that is all.

TANTAROS: True reveal, because you're responsible.


GUTFELD: Do you have a little boy?


GUTFELD: If you took away his cap gun, when I was a kid you'd find something else and turn it in to a gun. Isn't it in the DNA?

GUILFOYLE: In their genetic code. He would turn it on me. Let's let boys be boys. What do you want them to play with, right? Pinball?

GUTFELD: Ban the finger. Kid got sent home for doing this.

BECKEL: Yes, I know. But the fact of the matter is there are too many things out there to teach the kids to use it. Movies are violent and video games are violence. If it was up to me there wouldn't hand guns in America.

GUTFELD: I bet you couldn't get him to trade in video games. A kid that is 10 years old will trade in a toy gun, but not give it up.

BECKEL: Have you seen the video game, the way they chop people apart?

GUTFELD: I have. And we've got to take a break. We will be right back. Stick around.

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