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Behind the Scenes of Congressman Paul Ryan's Jobs Plan

Congressman Paul Ryan has his own plan to create jobs


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: What is going on behind the scenes with the House of Representatives? What are your elected officials doing to help create jobs? You are about to find out. Here's Congressman Paul Ryan from the great state of Wisconsin, chairman of the House budget committee.


VAN SUSTEREN: Congressman, nice to see you with

REP. PAUL RYAN, R-WIS.: Good to be back with you, Greta. How are you doing.

VAN SUSTEREN: Good. What room is this?

RYAN: The House Budget Committee room.

VAN SUSTEREN: What are you doing here?

RYAN: We're actually filming something for our website to put out an idea which is tax reform. Get the tax rates lower by closing loopholes. One of the things they do here in Washington the tax code has become a system where we pick and choose winners and losers and it has made our tax rates higher and uncompetitive globally.

We are taxing most American businesses more unless you are a business that was able to get a tax loophole to get a lower rate. So it is not fair. We are saying let's lower rates so we can be competitive. We're promoting that idea on our website

VAN SUSTEREN: Why are you doing it by video?

RYAN: We can do graphics. I can make a point on a Web site and then have created next to me the graphics that emphasize the points we are trying to make. We are trying to show people the kinds of ideas and solutions we've been passing here in the house to create jobs. And with new media it is amazing how you can penetrate to show the kinds of ideas we've provided.

It is not a secret we've been putting ideas out there, passing them in the House and putting them in the Senate and they are going nowhere. A lot of that is not getting out. We are trying to show the fact that we put a lot of ideas you. We passed a lot of solutions to grow the economy in the house and they've gotten no attention in the Senate. My goal is not to make these partisan but to try and make these things more popular.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do your kids like to watch them?


RYAN: No. My kids watch -- the websites they are on usually involve Nintendo or Mario Brothers. They don't watch this stuff.

VAN SUSTEREN: We are going to be following you. Good luck. Maybe you can talk your kids into watching sometime.

RYAN: All right, great. Go Packers.