DeMint 'Sick and Tired' of Obama's Speeches

Sen. Jim DeMint weighs in on president's employment plan


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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And coming up later this week, the president will pack up his teleprompter and head on down Pennsylvania Avenue to layout a so-called jobs plan before a Joint Session of Congress. But yesterday in Detroit, Michigan, he previewed his strategy, and wouldn't you know it, it involves spending your money. Let's take a quick sneak peak.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I don't want to give everything away right here. Because I want you all to tune in on Thursday. But, I'll give you just a little bit. We've got roads and bridges across this country that need rebuilding. We've got private companies with the equipment and manpower to do the building. We've got more than one million unemployed construction workers ready to get dirty right now. There is work to be done. And there are workers ready to do it.


HANNITY: Boy that sounds all familiar now, doesn't it? That's because we've heard all of this before. It was called the stimulus. And if we've learned anything from that trillion dollar disaster, it is that the government cannot buy its way out of jobs crisis.

Joining me now with more on the president's speech is somebody who hinted, well, this weekend that he may not even attend the address on Thursday. South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint. Senator, welcome back.

SEN. JIM DEMINT, R-S.C.: Thank you, Sean. I am sick and tired of speeches, the president told us not only the stimulus but Obamacare would help the economy. Dodd Frank, mortgage bailouts; this is probably the 10th speech of various kinds as he said is his jobs speech. I want to see something in writing and what the president is talking about is more of the same. And frankly, over August, I had a chance to talk to dozens of businesses. Nothing that he is talking about now relates to what they are telling me.

HANNITY: Right. But it was supposed to be, you know, after the vacation, all the hype was, he's going to give a speech, he's going to address the nation, he's going to layout his plan. Now, they are saying, well, he may have laid it out incrementally, we may not get the whole plan, you know, come this Thursday. And I'm thinking, how long do we have to wait for the plan? And is it going to be specific? And if it is not specific, why are we having a Joint Session of Congress?

DEMINT: Well, He needs to write it down. We just went through this with the debt limit. He said, he might consider this, he might consider that. We never got anything in writing and he never agreed to anything. And so, spending the evening listening to him talk about things that are never going to end up in legislation or if they do, they will be very different, is pretty frustrating. A lot of people are hurting, Sean, you know. Our economy is in serious danger. The debt is getting worse every day and the president is just giving speeches and mostly campaigning.

So, I think Republicans like we saw in the forum that I was part of yesterday are talking about specific job plans, things that if proven to work in the past, and I think that's what we need do is just to point out in our view, our vision of what makes America work is completely opposite than the president.

HANNITY: All right. But look at how bad it is. Zero jobs created. Revised downward June and July numbers by a significant amount. African-American teen unemployment is nearly 50 percent in this country. What is missing here? You know, I've always -- like the light goes on, there's a little light and a good friend of ours here, that points and says, go. And there's a sense of urgency I've had about every job that I've ever worked in, construction, the years I worked in the restaurant business, my years in radio and TV, urgency. The president is taking his time, it's two-and-a- half years later, another speech on jobs, but we may not be specific. And I'm thinking, look at these numbers on the economy? What are they thinking even politically here, besides the attack against people like yourself and me and Tea Party members?

DEMINT: Well, the president apparently does not understand why the American economy is so unique and so exceptional, why we are so prosperous as a nation. He's trying to micromanage our economy with little temporary targeted, whether it be payroll tax cut or we'll give you 5,000 to hire people. Sean, it cost a company $65,000 a year to hire a $40,000 a year person. You are not going to do that unless you were going to do it anyway.

Our economy is different, it is based on individuals taking risk in return for getting rewards. He's made the risk higher, the rewards lower. That's what is wrong with our economy. Frankly, he doesn't understand it. And what we have to do is minimize the damage, try to stop the spending. And hope the American free enterprise system will survive until we can get another president.

HANNITY: All right. For 2010, the Tea Party movement had a big impact. Biggest midterm election in 70 years. Prior to that election, the Democrats tried to portray the Tea Party as extreme, as racist, they were called every name in the book. And now, we are revisiting this. I mean, you have the comments of Hoffa. That, you know, basically we're going to go at war with these sons of bitches. In the last week, you know, Joe Biden says, the barbarians from the gates. You are the only ones keeping the barbarians from the gates. They can go straight to hell. They're terrorists. The real enemy is the Tea Party movement.

What is the strategy or thinking behind this considering it was not really effective in 2010?

DEMINT: Well, the president and Democrats are trying to demonize the Tea Party movement and then everything Republicans do, just like they said my forum was a Tea Party forum. Tea Parties weren't involved with organizing the forum. Everyone who disagrees with the president now is a Tea Party member. The problem he has though, Sean, 60 percent of Americans think we're on the wrong track. Seventy percent think we need to balance the budget.

The president is taking on the American people and the American voters, they disagree with him. And he's calling him all Tea Party members if they don't agree with him. So, he can't run on his record. He's got to demonize the active citizens who were taking him on. And I expect to hear a whole lot more of it, just like we heard from Jimmy Hoffa. If a Republican or conservative had said what was said at that meeting, we would be taken to task by every media outlet in the country.

HANNITY: All right. Last question. Are you confident that the Republicans are going to unite against the president's spending agenda? Are you confident that we're not going to have some of the problems we saw in the 2011 budget and the more recent budget deal where Republicans were competing against each other?

DEMINT: Sean, a lot of that depends on how active and how loud the American people are. Because I'm not completely confident. And when you point out a payroll tax cut and these other things that every American wants a little more change in their pocket, it is very tempting for Republicans to go with that in lieu of a real jobs plan. So, it will play out but it is going to depend on really how active the American people are in saying no, let's have a real jobs program that works for America.

HANNITY: All right. Senator, good to see you. Thanks for being with us.

DEMINT: Thanks, Sean.

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