Non-Union Business Owner Shot

John King reacts to vandalism, violent attack at his Ohio home


STUART VARNEY, GUEST HOST: The hunt for the suspect is on as charges of union intimidation mount.

My next guest is the owner of this vehicle. He is also the owner of one of the largest non-union electrical contracting shops in Toledo area. And now he is suffering from a gunshot wound.

John King joins me now.

John, welcome to the program. Good to see you, sir.

JOHN KING, OWNER, KING ELECTRICAL SERVICES: Thank you, sir, for having me.

VARNEY: OK. I want you to take me through this step-by-step.

I want to start with all the stuff that happened before last Wednesday night, when you were shot. Were there -- can you give me examples of any intimidation that you suffered before last Wednesday night?

KING: Been in business for a long time. I was -- like I have said before, I was the youngest electrical contractor in the city of Toledo and we have been around a long time, since the early ‘70s.

And we have gone through labor issues, as many of us open shop contractors do. We have had good times and bad times. But usually all the things that happen to us after a while you begin to take them with a grain of salt. It all comes with being an open shop prosecutor.

(CROSSTALK) VARNEY: Well, John, was it -- was it intimidation, verbal intimidation, or was it some kind of vandalism? This is before Wednesday night.

KING: We had -- yes, before Wednesday. We have had three incidents this year that we have reported to the police. They came. We have had front windows of our shop broke out, trucks vandalized, sliced tires and broken windows.

And, as of late, prior to last week, which certainly changed the whole landscape of things, our people were being followed. Our trucks would be - - our guys would call on their cell phones and somebody would follow them around town. And the advice was, just call the police.


Now, I want you to take me to Wednesday night. I believe it was quite late at night. You heard a sound. Take me through it. What happened?

KING: Well, I came home and it was like no other night. I just -- I live in a very quiet subdivision. And where I live in Bedford is very -- it’s our safe haven. It always has been. We -- when I leave the workplace where I live in Bedford, it is a quiet place. My home has never been invaded and I never had labor issues or problems there.

And it was a night that my wife had taken the grandkids to our cottage. And I took advantage with a little sleep. I went to bed early, about 9:00, 9:30. And I got up and went to the restroom. And I had seen my motion light was on in the driveway and I had seen somebody alongside my vehicle.

And so I ran out to the foyer of our house and I looked out into the driveway and somebody was alongside the vehicle. And I opened the door. And as quick as I opened the door and foolishly, I guess, stepped outside of the door, I got shot. And I didn’t know I was shot. I got winged in the left arm.

VARNEY: Well...

KING: And I fell to the ground.

VARNEY: There was a single gunshot, a single gunshot.

KING: Just...

VARNEY: You were hit in the arm.

KING: ... one single gunshot. Yes, I was hit, yes, in my left shoulder.

VARNEY: You went down.


VARNEY: The assailant presumably ran off.

KING: Yes. Yes.

VARNEY: You came inside. And then -- then what? You called the cops, I presume?

KING: Yes. I had -- when I had fallen on the credit stoop in front of the house, I had banged up my knees and my toes and I had some blood on my knees and my toes.

And I went into the master bedroom and called 911. I was fortunate -- it’s one of these unlucky/lucky nights. But I had my phone because I was waiting for a phone call from my wife. And I called 911. And I thought I was hit in either the leg or the foot.

And I didn’t even feel anything if my arm until the police finally got there, the township police in Monroe. And I -- kudos for those guys. They were there very quickly.

VARNEY: How do you feel now, John?

(CROSSTALK) VARNEY: How do you feel now? Do you live in a sense of unease and fear?

KING: Well, yes.

You know the wounds in the knees and the toes are healing. But, mentally, it’s -- it is going to take a little bit -- I guess I am in disbelief. We have had issues before.

(CROSSTALK) VARNEY: I have got to -- I have got to move this fast. You think it was union intimidation, right? You do?

KING: Well, written on the side of my vehicle was "Scab" and some evidence found out in front and prior to that -- this period of time...

VARNEY: Well, John, I’m sorry to interrupt. I am running out of time here, but we thank you for joining us...

KING: No problem.

VARNEY: ... and sharing your story.

KING: No problem.

VARNEY: It’s much appreciated.


VARNEY: John King, everyone.

KING: All right.

VARNEY: Thank you, sir.

KING: Thank you.

VARNEY: All right.

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