Report: Climate Change Linked to Mental Illness

'Extreme weather' causing emotional injuries?


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So a new report suggests that climate change could lead to mental illness. The Sydney Morning Herald notes that one and five people report emotional injury, stress, and despair after extreme weather, which they link to climate change.

Now a lot of global warming science looks like this, hypothetical bias designed to foster guilt, fear, and grant money. Let's be clear: Emotional injury and stress are not mental illness. They're normal responses to bad stuff like natural disasters. The real mental illness comes from other factors.

And the study seems to imply if you were a little more green, people wouldn't be so ill. So it makes me think climate change doesn't cause mental illness. Mental illness causes climate change hysteria. Or the harmful Chicken Little mentality causes panic prone PhD's to conjure up any link they can find to climate change, which then leads to junk science like this. Think about everything we're told that is caused by global warming, acne, bee stings, bird loss cannibalism. Here is a list. And it keeps going.

Ultimately hysteria creates a hellish fantasy that addles the brain of its believers. No wonder that Al Gore has lost it.


FORMER VICE PRESIDENT AL GORE: And we still have racism, god knows, but it's so different now and so much better. We have to win the conversation on climate. In some quarters it has become almost politically incorrect to use the word.

"It may be volcanoes." Bull____! "It may be sun spots." Bull____! "It's not getting warmer." Bull____!


GUTFELD: You know what bugs me? We're laughing at this, but it's kind of a gross idea that they are linking mental illness, which is a real problem, to natural disasters hypothetically caused by climate change. This is insulting with people are real problems, real mental illnesses.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: It's also insulting that Al Gore comes out with that. If you don't believe in global warming you're a racist? What? Come on, Al. He has clearly lost it.

GUTFELD: You believe in the link, don't you?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: All I can say is -- what was that? My attempt at beeping myself before the producer yelled at me.


BECKEL: Listen, I happen to believe on a serious note that global warming is in the only real, it's changed the dynamics of the planet. It's caused a lot of these things, like a lot of the natural disasters and people do get bummed out as a result of that. There are lasting post- traumatic stress syndrome from it. And it is a serious illness. And for you guys can laugh it off is a grave mistake

GUTFELD: That's the point, we weren't laughing it off. I think it's actually laughing at people with serious problems this kind of stuff. It's an article meant to create fear.

BECKEL: Only on this show you could get this many people on the flat earth.


BOLLING: You are making an exchange to climate change --

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: But Obama is a natural disaster and he bums people out.

BECKEL: There was a nice shot.

TANTAROS: Why do liberals never want to focus on mental illness? It's serious. We have the Arizona shooting and rather than talk about the fact that Jared Loughner has a serious mental illness, they blame it on guns. Now again they blame climate change on --

BECKEL: Every single piece, serious piece of mental illness in the Congress was passed by Democrats and been opposed by Republicans.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Wait, that is not true. President Bush signed that bill. I was there.

BECKEL: Passed by Democrats.

PERINO: The Republicans were in the majority. Let's just stick to the facts on that. Not fair.

BECKEL: The Ted Kennedy bill -- do you remember --

TANTAROS: That is the one he sign.

BECKEL: I'm sure he signed it because it's a law. But somehow that Republicans care about --


BOLLING: Dana is trying to convince bob that President Bush was more into global warming than we think.

PERINO: No, I didn't say that. What I said is I said you can agree that there is global warming. You might not agree that it -- you might not know if it's caused directly by humans.

What I don't understand is why they don't channel the energy to getting something done and constructive. I don't know why Al Gore all of a sudden is back out of the closet. He was in a box. His legacy was better? Then all of a sudden he's crazy for four months.

BECKEL: He has overreacted but he the leading spokesperson on global warming.

TANTAROS: Bob, are you happy about the fact he's the spokesperson for global warming?

BECKEL: Yes, I am. By the way, 99.9 percent of the people don't agree with you. It's not the other way around. Massive majority --


BECKEL: Even Greg believed this crap.

GUTFELD: Bob, calm down. Calm down. I want to talk about something that is far more important than all of this, and that is the new cast of "Dancing with the Stars." I don't even know why we waited this long for this. But it's amazing. Do you know who is on? Carson Kressley, Chaz Bono, I love him, China Phillips, David Arquette. You are thrilled, aren't you? No.

BOLLING: The big one. The big one.

GUTFELD: My favorite, Bob, Nancy Grace. She is going to grace the floor.

BECKEL: Can you imagine if she stepped on your foot while you were dancing? I mean, why doesn't she stick to courtrooms? She had a run.

What was that woman's name?

GUTFELD: I know where you are going.

BECKEL: Never mind.


BECKEL: The one you like so much. Nancy Grace got to be a big deal because she covered a bunch of sick crime stories. Now she is dancing.

That's fine. Let her do the twist.


TANTAROS: I think liberalism causes mental illness.

GUTFELD: I think on this point.

BECKEL: Who is teasing? Greg has a tease.

GUTFELD: I'll do it. Unless you want to do it.

BECKEL: I'll do it.

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