Facebook Fail Over Obama Criticism

Apology for removing AZ governor's post


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Facebook Fail

Facebook officials say they're sorry for removing a Facebook post from Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer that criticized President Obama's decision to limit deportation of illegal immigrants.

The governor's post called Obama's plan -- quote -- "backdoor amnesty".

Brewer says she received an e-mail from Facebook saying her post violated the site's community standards because it included an illustration featuring Brewer in a Rosie the Riveter pose.

After the Associated Press asked Facebook about it, the company emailed a response saying the post was removed in error.

Brewer has since reposted her statement and illustration declaring -- quote -- "we won!"

Warren's Piece

We told you last week, billionaire investor Warren Buffett is calling for higher taxes for the mega- rich who he thinks have been "coddled."

But former American Express CEO Harvey Golub disagrees.

Golub writes in the Wall Street Journal he expects at least 80 percent of his income to go to various state and federal taxes.

Quote -- "I did earn it. Governments have an obligation to spend our tax money on programs that work, before you 'ask' for more tax money from me and others, raise the $2.2 trillion you already collect each year more fairly and spend it more wisely. Then you'll need less of my money."

Hopping Mad

And finally, some New York residents are upset their money is going to pay for crossing signs about frogs.

A New York TV station reports the new signs are sprouting up all over Wayne County. At least one local official is not jumping for joy.

Quote -- "During these economic times, this is just absurd."