Common Sense

Cavuto: D.C. Still Avoiding Financial Mess

Now we know why Fitch investors passed on downgrading us.

They might have been afraid of being upbraided, by Washington!

Lis Wiehl notwithstanding, I love her to death, I do think this is remarkable timing.

Not even two weeks after Standard & Poor's hits Washington with that credit ding, Washington comes back at them with a sledgehammer.

Reports the Justice Department is investigating whether S & P botched rating all those mortgage securities leading up to the financial meltdown?

Remember that one?

The one that occurred three years ago!

Interesting timing, don't you think?

Apparently justice officials telling the New York Times that this investigation has been in the works for months. Months.

Odd. I don't remember hearing a peep about it, and I do find it a tad unusual that this months-long investigation apparently does not presently include...

Fitch investors and Moody's...No slouches in the "We haven't got a freakin' clue" mortgage meltdown blues.

No, S & P is getting served up, so no wonder Fitch and Moody's aren't piping up.

This isn't a witch hunt, my friends. This is a massacre.

They’re not only shooting the messenger...

They're pulling a Tony Soprano on him and making damn sure that he doesn't live another day to tell anyone about it.

Look, I’m not defending S & P or its bumpy track record.

I do find it odd though that the folks who are ripping them in Washington ain't exactly candidates for fiscal sainthood themselves.

Look around at the world today, my friends. The markets here and everywhere today.

Stocks falling and we are fiddling, with an agency that had the audacity to say the emperor has no clothes, and get this no money to get clothes.

For anyone in Washington to be pointing fingers at anyone for missing a crisis

That would be like me blaming the overnight manager at Wendy’s for making me fat.

Fat chance I’d try it.

Fat chance we let them get away with this.

Look, you don't have to be from Wharton to know this country's finances are hurtin'.

We print money we don't have to fund programs that don't work to yield results that never come at all.

My eight-year-old son could tell you those habits don't deserve an ‘A’ let alone a triple-A.

And I’m telling you, Standard & Poor's doesn't deserve this.

What we are witnessing here is nothing less than Chicago style strong-arming at its worst.

Selectively going after those who don't go along.

And sending the clearest message to those who might be considering doing the same...don't.

Vladimir Putin spoke way too soon.

This white house isn't weak.

This kind of behavior?

Well is actually right up his alley.