Rep. Jordan: Not Optimistic About Further Spending Cuts

Ohio congressman on 'Super Committee' appointees


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF, "YOUR WORLD": My next guest no fan of this committee even before the members were picked. What’s he saying right now?

With us now, Republican Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio.

They are in a box, aren’t they, Congressman?

REP. JIM JORDAN, R-OHIO: Yeah, I think, Neil, they’re -- they’re -- it’s -- I mean, we will see how it plays out, but I think there is the potential that they just don’t reach an agreement.

The Republicans who are on here, good folks, some people like Jeb Hensarling, Pat Toomey, who voted against the debt ceiling package, Rob Portman, the senator from our state, I mean, these are guys who understand you can’t raise taxes.

Then you look on the other side, and of course we’re waiting on Pelosi’s picks, but when you look on the other side, you got someone like John Kerry, who was out this weekend saying all kinds of ridiculous things about conservatives in the House of Representatives who are...


CAVUTO: Tea Party downgrade, the Tea Party downgrade.

JORDAN: Exactly.

(CROSSTALK) CAVUTO: So, All right, let’s say that happens.


JORDAN: It’s so ridiculous that -- that he can say it’s amazing to me.

CAVUTO: All right.


CAVUTO: So, it’s a 6-6 vote on whenever they recommend, then the automatic triggers kick in, which are big cuts, for example, in the second wave to defense, I believe half-a-trillion dollars.

JORDAN: Yes. Right.

CAVUTO: So, what do you do? Do they just auto -- is it just inevitable they kick in?

JORDAN: Well, I don’t know that -- I hope we don’t get there, because obviously a lot of folks in -- Republicans, they don’t want those defense cuts. We think that’s the one area we’re supposed to spend your tax dollars on.

That is the one area that the Constitution says we are supposed to spend money on. So we are very nervous about that and we will see how this plays out. But I think there is also the likelihood that at some point you have the same thing that happened on the budget deal, the same thing happened on the debt ceiling negotiations.

You get the speaker, you get the -- the president in the Senate and President Obama and they get together and they figure out what exactly the arrangements going to be. I don’t think that is necessarily the right way to go. But I think we need to stand strong and say, we’re not going to raise taxes and we’ve got to cut spending.

And we will see how this all plays out, but I guess I’m not overly optimistic that they are going to be able to reach an agreement that makes sense for the country, that actually reduces spending and doesn’t raise taxes.

CAVUTO: Well, that’s too bad.

All right, Congressman, thank you very much. Good seeing you.

JORDAN: Thank you.

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