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Cavuto: Mitt's Fit a Game-Changer?

Wind might be at Romney's back for debate


By any chance did you hear about Mitt's fit?

It's all anyone's talking about today.

Ahead of tonight's big Republican debate in Iowa...

The big afternoon dust-up in Des Moines.

The normally unflappable Mitt Romney getting, I don’t know GOP'd off.

Take a look.

OK, not crazy mad.

Not even Chris Christie mad.

OK, it’s not even Ronald Reagan mad.

But I’m telling ya for Mitt; it’s a heck of a fit.

And I'm telling you.

It’s a game-changer.

And ahead of tonights big debate...

Maybe the wind at Mitt Romney's back.

Hard to say

But this is not, this Mormon could be stormin'.

Achieving in one unscripted ugly, give-and-take...what handlers cannot make…genuine impatience with a system and its defenders that cannot be tolerated.

You know we could do worse than see politicians lose it.

These are times that very much call for drama.

Because what we're losing in this country is pretty dramatic.

If Mitt Romney had chose to defend the status quo and nicely accept this belligerent critic's attacks...he would of course be diplomatic. But he'd be something else.


Today, Mitt Romney became ‘Rocky Road.’

Times are rocky.

He picked the right road.