High Fashion or Child Pornography?

French Vogue pushes envelope with 10-year-old model


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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Now, this next story infuriates me. You're not going to believe this. Take a look at these pictures in French Vogue, of course. This model is only 10 years old.

So, the question is a magazine pushing the envelope with this spread, having a young girl like this, 10 years of age? They've got this photo here on the cover. They also have photos of this model in other ads where she's topless. Another one where she has beads covering what would be her chest. Another one where she is laying down with another male model, topless.

I mean, this is just completely inappropriate.


GUILFOYLE: You like it, Andrea, personally?

TANTAROS: No, I don't like it. She wasn't topless. I mean, you have can't see anything.

GUILFOYLE: Not in this photo.

TANTAROS: This to me this is like a little girl playing dress up, and it's in high fashion, and it's French Vogue. This is what French Vogue does. They push the envelope. Can it get a little creepy like toddlers and tiaras? Yes, absolutely.

But it's France. They're known for doing this. Particularly, Vogue. I know.

Is it the best role model? Probably not. But there's not a lot of 10-year-olds looking at French Vogue.

GUILFOYLE: But this is just one photo that's appropriate, kind of, that we sort of look at. This photo here where she's wearing a red dress, the stilettos, she's lying on a tiger skin rug. Tell me that that is appropriate. It's actually provocative. That is not a good idea.

Do you wonder why there are pedophiles and psychopaths running around? There you go.

TANTAROS: They're going to get other stuff without looking --

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: That wouldn't be appropriate for you. I mean --


BECKEL: Let alone -- I mean, no, seriously. I think the stuff that drives me crazy. I mean, I know everybody thinks you're a liberal so you probably think it's a good idea. No, I don't. I have a 16-year-old daughter and I fight constantly with her to not keep dressing up. She gets ridiculous magazines. All these -- you know, you go past a high school in America today and at a lunch break and you think you are in a house of ill repute.

TANTAROS: Look at the photos, Bob.


TANTAROS: Look at the photos.

BECKEL: Yes, I know. It's terrible.


GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Bob, do you date anybody over 30?

BECKEL: Not often. But that's not -- where are you going with this? I'm trying to make a point. First of all, it's the French. What would you expect?


DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I want to ask as a prosecutor, because I'm curious like -- a picture like that, if you had a child -- a guy who was busted with child pornography

GUILFOYLE: It's so interesting --

PERINO: -- would this photo, would type of photo fall into that category?

GUILFOYLE: Let me tell you, if I have that and get -- you know, I write the subpoena to get all the downloads from the computer, and if I saw a number of photos like this? Yes, that would be used against them in terms of a child pornography case.

And why would somebody have to have these kinds of the images? And especially in large numbers?


GUILFOYLE: And I modeled as well.

TANTAROS: Besides the fact that I want to purchase the shoes she's wearing, we have --


GUILFOYLE: I thought you owned those.

TANTAROS: I might.

We have TV shows. You see these girls in swimsuit competitions wearing less clothes than this model is wearing. Look, I don't agree with it. I would not have my daughter doing it.

GUILFOYLE: But she's 10, Andrea.

TANTAROS: I understand that. But her mother thinks it's OK. She's probably going to be making millions on the catwalk. And again, she is not showing any skin. How is this worse than a bikini?

GUTFELD: Let me weigh on this. A, you know, dressing up is a lot of fun. I did it when I was a child.


GUTFELD: Some of the same outfits, as a matter of fact.

But here's the thing, if you -- if you really want to test how deeply the parent feels about this, you should be able to go up to the parent after the shoot and go, hey, your kid is really hot. And that should minds really quickly. When adult sexualizes the child, that should get the point across.

They should stop doing it because that's what they're doing. They are sexualizing a child.

TANTAROS: I lived in Paris for a year and I'm telling you, the French have a completely -- it doesn't make it right -- but they have a completely different and sometimes warped view of societies. Sex to them is very open. It's very fashionable.

GUILFOYLE: How is that appropriate?

TANTAROS: I'm not saying it is. But I'm saying, this is c'est la France right here.

BECKEL: It's c'est la France this. By the way, breaking news on this is you don't own the pair of shoes, which is incredible.


TANTAROS: Hannity's wife probably does.


BECKEL: We had a similar situation in the United States. You remember Calvin Klein when he did the --

GUTFELD: Brooke Shields.

BECKEL: Yes. It was disgraceful and disgusting then. You can excuse the French for anything because they're inexcusable people. Did you live in France really? How could you do live with those people for a year?

TANTAROS: Because I want to live there and study there and see how demented their society is.

BECKEL: How warped they are. Exactly.

GUILFOYLE: Now look. She's completely gone the other way. But, do you remember when Miley Cyrus and her father did that ad in the magazine spread? There was a tremendous amount of controversy because people felt that those pictures were very sexual and inappropriate and that he shouldn't have done it.

But that's my point. At a certain point you have to say you can't dismiss it that it's French.

GUTFELD: And you have to think of the long-term consequences. This girl is 10. What is she going to be like when she is 20?

TANTAROS: She's probably going to end up dating Bob.


TANTAROS: Because they don't care.


GUTFELD: Nicely done.

GUILFOYLE: That's disgusting. OK, we need to wrap, because I can't even take this anymore.

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