Grapevine: Huntsman's Name Recognition Problem

GOP presidential candidate's own staffers misspell his name for second time


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Going, Going...

Last week, scandal-ridden Democratic Congressman David Wu said he would resign his seat after the debt ceiling dilemma was solved. But Wu, who is accuse d of an unwanted sexual encounter with a teenage girl, has yet to submit resignation letters to either Oregon's governor or House Speaker John Boehner.

Wu did record a video ahead of the vote Monday saying it was likely to be his last and bidding viewers god speed.

We called Wu's office, but phones went straight to voicemail.

My Name Is...

Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman does not have the highest name recognition with Republican voters or apparently his own staff. For the second time Huntsman staff members have misspelled their boss's name on campaign literature.

The first was at his campaign launch. This time was on a fundraising mailer. Both times his name was spelled "John" not Jon as is correct.

Also on the June mailer is a quote attributed to the Wall Street Journal calling Huntsman -- quote -- "the conservative problem solver." And while that did appear in the article, it was the Journal quoting Huntsman talking about himself.

Huntsman's spokesman says major staff changes have been made since then.

Actions Speak Louder

And, if you are looking for a politician who is a problem solver, check out the mayor of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

Arturas Zuokas is fed up with residents parking their luxury vehicles in the bike lanes he created a few years ago. So he decided to make his point by driving an armored tank over a Mercedes. When the supposed owner comes out to see what happened, the mayor greets him with a smile before cleaning up the glass left behind and then riding away on -- you got it -- a bicycle.

The mayor's spokeswoman says the car was actually purchased for the stunt.