Common Sense

Cavuto: No More Business as Usual

Time to end debt battle hypocrisy


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF, "YOUR WORLD": I love the way liberals bemoan Republicans pandering to their Tea Party base.

And pushing our debt credit rating to the brink.

So I’m hearing all this and thinking to myself:

"Self, let me if I got this straight."

Liberals holding their party captive to more spending…fine.

Tea Partiers holding their party accountable to stop spending…not fine.

So Tea Partiers reminding Republicans in Congress what brought them to Congress…bad.

Liberals reminding Democrats to ignore those pesky Tea Partiers and keep spending…good.

Republicans considering a shorter debt extension until the end of "this" year to keep the heat on Washington to resolve this...bad.

Democrats pushing a longer debt extension until the end of "next" year, after the election, to keep the heat off the president...good.

No. Not good. Not fair. Not even right.

Tea Parties aren't holding this process hostage.

Big spenders in Washington are.

And a compliant and complicit media is.

So...Tea Partiers are nuts for saying this spending charade can't go on…and it won't go on.

Democrats advocating continuing that charade "aren't" nuts. So the spending will go on.

Now, come on.

Who is zooming whom here?

Tea partiers for reminding Washington, "It's the spending, stupid"?

Or those foisting more spending and just calling the Tea Partiers stupid?

No, what's stupid is doing more of the same and calling "that" sane.

What's stupid is criticizing those who've had enough with kicking the can down the road.

And then having the nerve to kick their can in the media.

What is stupid is hanging a potential fiscal collapse on those who saw this coming years ago.

And suddenly pinning a possible ratings downgrade on them if it happens next week.

"That" is weak.

Just like it is weak when Democrats call Tea Partiers “crazy” for even considering not raising the debt limit, even though every major Democrat did just that back in 2006 when another president was urging them to raise the debt limit.

So, Senator Barack Obama voted against raising the debt limit then not politics. Tea Partiers urging the same now…absolutely politics.

Absolutely asinine.

Because Tea Partiers aren't the ones holding this nation hostage.

The business as usual crowd refusing to see through their own arrogance and hypocrisy, they're" the ones holding this nation hostage.

And you know what they’re holding something else hostage too.

The truth.