Common Sense

Cavuto: Apple Should Buy U.S. Government

Technology giant makes products people like, Washington doesn't


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: So finally I’m reading about Apple's $76 billion dollar dilemma.

Did you hear about this?

That's how much cash the high tech giant has built up. $78 billion dollars.

In fact, it's piling up so much money, so fast, that it frankly doesn't know what to do with it.

I have an idea.

Why don’t you just buy the Unites States government?

I know I know $76 billion is just a couple of week’s worth of finance charges on our debt…

But I say the governments hardly in a position to say no to ya Apple.

And think about it, we could do worse than have a company named "Apple" running a government that’s now rotten to the core.

Take a look around, we already are.

So I say, replace the "iPod" guys for the "iClod" guys.

And do it now.

For one thing, Apple makes products that people like.

Washington does not.

Apple makes stuff for which people willingly pay more.

Washington churns out a lot of really crappy stuff, but they still insist on taxing more.

Apple can get away charging top dollar because its stuff is apparently worth it.

Washington shouldn't even try because its stuff frankly is not worth it.

And Apple doesn't need 2,000 pages to explain a hot product.

A pamphlet does it pretty nicely.

And its latest operating software? You can download it.

Washington's stuff? Glitches galore just trying it.

Apple delivers on its promises.

Washington promises but never delivers.

Apple spends its money making products people want to buy.

Washington spends our money pushing products we don't want to buy.

…politicians pushing batteries that are green.

Apple just pushing stuff that makes a lot of green.

"And" a lot of sense.

So think again about how crazy it would be for Apple to run our government.

Compared to the crackpots running things now…

It'd be music to "all" our ears.