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Casey Anthony's Parents Say They Still Don't Know Her Whereabouts

Attorney for Cindy and George Anthony on relationship between parents, freed daughter


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: It's getting as bad as Elvis sightings. Now it is Casey Anthony sightings. Is she in Florida, California? Rumors of sightings of Casey are flying and all over. But do Casey's parents George and Cindy know where she is? And were they really asked to be decoys during her release Sunday? Joining us Mark Lippman, the Anthony family attorney. Good evening, Mark.


VAN SUSTEREN: Do the parents even know where Casey is at this point?

LIPPMAN: No. The family has no idea where she is at. All we know is that she is safe.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do they want to know where she is?

LIPPMAN: They have a legitimate concern for her safety. They want to make sure wherever she is that someone is taking care of her. If they needed to know because nobody was taking care of her obviously they would be asking. I've been repeatedly assured that she is safe.

VAN SUSTEREN: There was a report that the parents were asking to be some sort of decoy the other night when all of us were scrambling to see where she was going after she was released. Were they really asked to be a decoy?

LIPPMAN: Yes. I had a conversation with Mr. Baez. And I think he was just extremely nervous and frustrated with the way things were going. And I believe it was probably a last minute decision for him. We quickly discussed it and both felt that it wasn't necessary for his plan to go forward, whatever that plan was. Certainly myself and my clients weren't part of that plan.

VAN SUSTEREN: I can understand, Mark, how things have deteriorated in the family. Of course I remember the accusations of the child molesting towards George, which he has denied. But I'm sort of curious if there's any sort of effort to looking for to the future to reconcile this family?

LIPPMAN: Certainly my clients are at the time they feel they are ready to speak, they will speak to that. But at this time, they are waiting to see what Casey has to say when they talk, if they do talk, they will make a decision as to what the future holds.

VAN SUSTEREN: Has Jose Baez made any effort to get her clothes from the family home?

LIPPMAN: Again, for safety purposes, I'm not going to go into the clothing issue or any other speculation as to where she may be. I know that today there was lots of running around because somebody thought they saw her in Orlando. It's probably the last place she would show up.

VAN SUSTEREN: I know it is like Elvis sightings. I'm curious, did you see the article about the prosecutors and the chloroform? It is being said by someone they knew it wasn't 84 times the computer was checked for chloroform, that it was only once?

LIPPMAN: There were two reports by the Orange County sheriff's office. One came back with 84 times, the other one didn't. They chose to use the one that said 84 times. I know the programmer in Canada came out and said that he knew and that he had told that it was wrong. But certainly it tends to make what we have said and my client has been adamant all along about that she didn't do the chloroform search 84 times. And it was just a bit product of the field search. So it all -- it all linked together.

VAN SUSTEREN: It's interesting because there was a lot said about Cindy being charged with perjury. If Cindy said she didn't do 84 it makes things look different for Cindy Anthony on that particular issue for which she got trashed by many.

LIPPMAN: She had been trashed. She continues to be trashed about that stuff. But the prosecution came out, the state of Florida and said they weren't going forward on perjury charges, which we are happy about because this family has certainly has been through enough.

VAN SUSTEREN: Even though they say they are not, a lot of people think she was covering up. But if the 84 searches didn't even happen that certainly puts it in a different light.

LIPPMAN: If I could scream it from the rooftops, I certainly would. That's why I'm on the media talking about it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Mark, thank you. Nice to talk to you.

LIPPMAN: Thanks very much.