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Where in the World Is Casey Anthony?

It's anyone's guess where Casey Anthony went after prison release, but trouble may still lie ahead


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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, she's out. But where is Casey Anthony hiding out tonight? We all saw that video of Casey walking out of Orange County jail early yesterday morning, escorted by her attorney, Jose Baez. Baez says Casey is at an undisclosed location. No one else is talking. And the rumors -- well, they are flying!

Fox Orlando's Holly Bristow joins us. Holly, what is the latest?

HOLLY BRISTOW, WOFL CORRESPONDENT: You're not kidding about those rumors flying, Greta. We have heard everything, that Casey could be in Puerto Rico, she could be in Miami, she could be in Prescott, Arizona, where that second flight that took off out of that private airport at 3:00 AM touched down. Some of your producers tracked it there. There are reports that she's in California, that she's in Ohio. You name it, chances are there's a report that she's been there.

I even got a tip that she was hiding out in a condo in downtown Orlando, in a downtown condo. I checked out that tip on my own, poked around the apartment building. And ironically, when I spoke with one of the security officers very early Sunday morning, the security officer told me that they had a Casey Anthony look-a-like running through their lobby with a hoodie over her head around 12:30 Saturday morning. They said that they checked several times to make sure it was not Casey Anthony.

I mean, it's just one of those things. It's almost going to be like people spotting Elvis, at this point. The only difference is we know that Casey Anthony is alive.

VAN SUSTEREN: You know, it's interesting. I've never seen anyone that sort of slipped the media so effectively. You know, it surprised me that the media hasn't found her yet, or that even tracking her from the jail to wherever she went. How'd she get away?

BRISTOW: Well, we were not expecting her to be walking out the front doors of the jail. The jail personnel were telling us that there was a very slight chance, like a 2 percent chance, that that could be happening. But it turns out Casey Anthony, as we've seen in the video, walked right out the front doors of the Orange County jail. She immediately got into a big Chevy SUV. They took off out of the parking lot. You could see the police cruisers pulling into the main road that they pulled onto and onto the interstate and actually blocking traffic so people couldn't get behind them.

All the news stations, including us, we had helicopters hovering above, following her. They got off at an exit where Cheney Mason's, one of her attorneys, office buildings is. It's another high-rise building. They went under the building, and that's where we lost them.

At that point in time, we don't know if she stayed in that same SUV and ended up going to the airport, or if she got in another car or if she went upstairs and took some time to change her appearance and then took off later that day. It's just a big mystery at this point, but they all lost the media for sure when they ducked under the office building and the helicopters just couldn't see them and police were able to block all the media's chase cars from actually following them on the roads, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: Where are George and Cindy at this point?

BRISTOW: George and Cindy are back at their home. They actually watched Casey's release from jail from their home. I spoke with their attorney yesterday and again today, and he was telling me that Jose Baez actually asked Casey parents to try to create a diversion and drive one of the decoy cars from the jail to his office to try to throw us off their tracks a little bit. But they didn't feel comfortable doing it. They didn't think it was a good idea. So they said no.

VAN SUSTEREN: I guess that may be an indication of things at the home front not particularly good. They haven't been restored if they don't want to drive a decoy car.

BRISTOW: Well, you know, there's just been so much craziness surrounding this case I would think unless you are professionally trained driver and know what you're doing you wouldn't necessary want to get caught up in that.

I do know that the Anthonys want to get in touch with their daughter. Cindy Anthony texted Jose Baez the second she saw what she thought could have been her daughter getting out of a car on to an airplane wanting to know if it was Casey. Jose Baez would not confirm that. All he would tell her is that Casey Anthony is safe.

I do know that their attorney was in contact with Baez today. He's still not telling the family where she is, but he's just trying to assure them that she is safe.

I do know that around noon this afternoon, some colleagues from FOX were with Lippmann they say they were getting the message that by we see was still with Casey Anthony. But when I talked to Casey's attorney Cheney Mason tonight around 6:15 he told me that Baez was with some other people that were making sure that she was OK.

VAN SUSTEREN: Holly, thank you.