Priebus Blasts Democrats' 'Shared Sacrifice'

RNC chairman on 'Your World'


CHRIS COTTER, GUEST HOST: Shared sacrifice -- Democratic Senator Harry Reid insisting rich Americans need to make more of it to help get us out of debt.

But with taxpayers already on the hook for $14 trillion bucks in debt, is it time to stop our sacrificing and have lawmakers start sacrificing their bloated budgets?

With me now, Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee.

All right, we called the DNC. No response, Reince, but I -- you know what? I’ve got to hand it to the Democrats. They have done a great job of selling this false notion of fair share to the American people, haven’t they?


Well, you know, shared sacrifice, higher taxes, you know, it’s just another indication, again, that the folks in Washington and people like Harry Reid, instead of owning up to the responsibility that I think he and others have in this -- in -- in D.C. to roll their sleeves up and tackle the problems that Americans are most concerned with, which is spending -- and we know this.

We’ve talked about it. Everyone understands this. Everyone at their kitchen table understands that the problem in Washington is spending. And they have to get that under control. So, shared sacrifice, I mean, give me a break. We’ve been – we’ve been putting up with this long enough, and people want to see that folks here in Washington, and especially this president, who’s driving our country in the ditch, or, as our ad -- you can see it, -- shows, off the cliff, have to get straightened out. And they not doing it, Chris.

COTTER: You know I want to talk about that ad in a second.

But I referenced a letter by Senator Bernie Sanders. And here’s the ad right now. You can go ahead and show that and we’ll talk underneath it. What is the purpose of the ad? And what are you hoping to try and convey? Because I want to do talk about the Sanders letter here and just the way the American people think.

But tell me about the new ad you’ve got going on right now.

PRIEBUS: Well, Chris, we are just trying to show in real terms -- real -- illustrate here what’s happening in the American economy.

And the reality is it’s not just where we are in the economy, which is really in bad shape under this president. But it’s the policies of Barack Obama that are driving us over the cliff. Under his watch, we all know he’s put us on a trajectory in this country to accumulate an avalanche of debt.

He’s done nothing about the deficit, other than to propose the biggest structural deficit in the history of our country. He’s given us government-run health care that people don’t want and companies are opting out of left and right. In fact, now Barack Obama’s said that companies can’t opt out anymore, because it’s making him really look bad for his reelection effort.

So we’re trying to highlight all of these things, Chris, in this ad, and try to illustrate to the American people that this president just doesn’t get it and he’s bankrupting America.

COTTER: You know the message is very important.

Senator Bernie Sanders gets 100,000 Americans to send a letter to the White House to say -- and I quote -- "The wealthiest Americans and the most profitable corporations in this country must pay their fair share."

To me, fair shares then sounds like a flat tax. Everybody’s paying a fair share of their income, the same exact percentage, because, right now - - and we know you can argue about what exactly the numbers are -- but the wealthiest members are paying all the taxes in this country. That doesn’t sound like the fair -- that they need to pay more, a greater share to make it fair.

PRIEBUS: Well -- well, our problem -- and, Chris, you’re right, and our problem right now is not taxing more.

I saw a statistic a couple of weeks ago that showed that if you taxed everyone who makes over $100,000 100 percent, that isn’t going to solve our problems, because our problems are -- the spending problem in Washington is so staggering and it’s so much out of control, that the only way to really deal with this issue head on is to put in place spending cuts at least equal -- or certainly equal or greater to any increase in this -- in this debt ceiling vote.

And these other ideas that are out there are very valid to consider, too, like caps and balanced budget amendments. And the reason that’s being discussed is that Washington’s out of control. And we all know it.


PRIEBUS: And you don’t need to be an economist on Wall Street to know this stuff.

COTTER: Well, hopefully, we’ll get at least a step in the right direction tomorrow.

Reince, thanks a lot for joining us.

PRIEBUS: Hey, thank you, Chris.

COTTER: All right, Reince Priebus from the Republican National Committee. All right.

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