Music Issue for Bachmann Campaign

Musician Tom Petty reportedly against using his song 'American Girl'


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...


Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has been getting a lot of grief for some past mis-statements but now her campaign's playlist is under fire.

NBC News reports musician Tom Petty is unhappy with the use of "American Girl" at Bachmann's kickoff event in Iowa Monday.

Petty is reportedly in the process of issuing a cease and desist letter asking the Bachmann camp to stop using his popular song. Petty did the same to then-Governor George W. Bush for using the song "I Won't Back Down" at rallies.

Terror Talk

An anti-terrorism conference in Tehran over the weekend brought together representatives from around 60 nations along with the United Nations.

The U.S. and European nations had lobbied countries against attending.

The State Department official called it -- quote -- "Quite ironic that Iran, the most active state sponsor of terrorism, is holding a meeting on terrorism."

The Wall Street Journal reports attendees branded Israel as the world's largest terrorism threat. There were also displays documenting what were said to be Israeli and American-backed plots against Iran.

Critter Control

And finally, what started with a proposed ban on sales of puppies and kittens has expanded to include all animals that walk, fly, crawl, swim, or slither, unless you plan to eat said animal.

The Los Angeles Times reports animal rights advocates in San Francisco have asked the board of supervisors there for a ban on the sale of all pets.

The pet industry calls the proposal the most radical it has seen. Animal activists say it will save small but important lives.