Reich and Wrong in New Jersey

Union boss apologizes for comparing Gov. Christie to Hitler


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Reich and Wrong

A union boss has apologized for comparing Republican Governor Chris Christie to Adolf Hitler and New Jersey to Nazi Germany.

Chris She lton of the Communication Workers of America was complaining about a bill backed by Democrats that would increase pension and health benefit costs to public workers. Shelton told the crowd -- quote -- "Welcome to Nazi Germany... It took World War II to get rid of the last Adolf Hitler. It's gonna take World War III to get rid of Adolf Christie."

Others at the rally distanced themselves from the comments. And after local Holocaust survivors complained, Shelton apologized.

Feeling the Squeeze

A kids' lemonade stand for charity set up outside the U.S. Open Golf Tournament at nearby Congressional Country Club, got squeezed for operating without a permit.

The kids wanted to donate half the proceeds of their lemonade sale to help fight pediatric cancer. Instead, authorities in Montgomery County, Maryland shut it down. The families of the children were then slapped with $500 fine.

Montgomery County cited traffic and safety concerns, but the families complained that neighbors selling parking spaces for 60 bucks a pop only had to fork over $300 dollars for a permit.

We're told county officials are reconsidering the fines tonight.

Hitting the Links

And there's another golf event this weekend that involves even more well-known -- though probably not better -- players. Definitely not better players.

Politico has asked House colleagues to weigh in on tomorrow's foursome featuring House Speaker John Boehner and Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich, and also of course, President Obama and Vice President Biden.

California Democrat Joe Baca said if he were a betting man, he'd go with the Obama-Biden ticket.

California Republican Mary Bono Mack said the president doesn't stand a chance.

And Georgia Republican Austin Scott quipped -- quote -- "It all depends on who keeps score."