Common Sense

Cavuto: Signs You're Losing Your Job

It would be nice to be given a head's up, when you're heading out the door




Johnson & Johnson.

All laying off.

This week…by the thousands.

Sometimes you can't avoid the fate.

But I think sometimes you can be given a heads-up.

Take it from a buddy of mine; with whom I was just catching up…he "knew" he was going down.

He was in senior management at his company.

Well regarded.

For a long time, well liked.

Then he said about a year or so ago, something changed.

New boss came in, and suddenly some weird things started going on.

E-mails in which he wasn't included.

Staff meetings to which he wasn't invited.

Even co-workers were beginning to notice his absence.

Some seized on it as proof my friend was losing his juice.

Some even openly angled for his job.

Then it just seemed to feed on itself.

Expense reports that suddenly got extra scrutiny.

Vacation requests that suddenly got extra questioning.

Until…they didn't.

His latest request for time off in August got this response from his boss.



Game over.

I knew it hearing it.

He knew it recounting it.

Confirmed all he feared…so he sent out as many resumes and cold-calls he could.

Turns out on the very day he had secured a position, he had been told he had lost his position.

He was out.

But starting Monday…he'll be back on.

At a competitor, who liked him, enough to include him in a congratulatory group e-mail welcoming him.

My friend saved it.

To be safe, he said.

For posterity, I thought.

Because it's nice to be included on an e-mail…

Especially when you know you might not always be.