Ann Coulter Unimpressed With GOP Presidential Debate, Wants Chris Christie to Jump Into Race

Conservative author not interested unless Chris Christie jumps into race


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BILL O'REILLY, HOST: In the "Impact" segment tonight: our analysis of last night's Republican debate continues. In addition to all the Facebook stuff, there were questions from the moderator John King about trivial pursuits.


JOHN KING, CNN HOST: Leno or Conan?

Elvis or Johnny Cash?

"Dancing With the Stars" or "American Idol"?

BlackBerry or iPhone?

Now, imagine you're getting to the barbecue joint, maybe it's here in New Hampshire, maybe in South Carolina, ordering some wings. Spicy or mild?

Coke or Pepsi?

Deep dish or thin crust?



O'REILLY: Scintillating. Here now with her point of view, Ann Coulter, author of the brand-new best-selling book, "Demonic." "Exorcist V" or something. We'll get to that in a minute.

All right. What I want you to do is just run down, I'm going -- I'm going to read the name and you give me your impressions from the debate. Not overall impressions of them but from last night. Mitt Romney?

ANN COULTER, CONSERVATIVE COLUMNIST: I'm sorry, I consider the whole debate kind of a time-filler until my boy Chris Christie jumps in. Romney, I think, will be the candidate if Chris Christie doesn't jump in and he didn't make any huge errors. I suppose he had a good answer, as good an answer as he is going to have on Romneycare, which is it was only statewide and we do believe as federalists in state by state experimentation.

O'REILLY: Yes and most people, according to the polls of Massachusetts, like it. I mean, so he served his constituents whether you like it or not. OK. So he didn't make any mistakes. Looked presidential, right?

COULTER: Oh totally. He always looks presidential.

O'REILLY: I mean, my God, there he is. If he doesn't win here he might go to Albania. They just elect him, that guy.

COULTER: Or Hollywood.

O'REILLY: Right. All right, Tim Pawlenty?


O'REILLY: That's it?

COULTER: It's the same thing. I don't really have…

O'REILLY: That's it? The shoulder shrug and the "eh"? Come on, he's a smart guy, ran the state of Minnesota well for eight years.

COULTER: None of them made any major mistakes except Ron Paul. And I would say none of them can hold a candle to my love Chris Christie.

O'REILLY: OK, so he didn't impress you, Tim Pawlenty?

COULTER: Except -- and Michele. The only ones who stand out…

O'REILLY: All right, let me get to it later. So Tim Pawlenty did not impress you that much.

COULTER: He was OK. He didn't make any mistakes. He didn't…

O'REILLY: All right, but you're not…

COULTER: …blow me away either.

O'REILLY: Not putting the sign on the lawn. No, OK.

COULTER: I am. It's Chris Christie.

O'REILLY: Bachmann, Michele Bachmann.

COULTER: She -- she was a standout, though I did kind of know that about her. I think she's very impressive. Unfortunately, I don't think you can run for president from the House of Representatives or from not holding any elected office.


COULTER: Possibly.


COULTER: Possibly. I think she's a very strong candidate or she could go back to Minnesota and run for governor and then run for president. She is a great candidate.

O'REILLY: Newt Gingrich?

COULTER: I -- I generally don't like his commentary on TV because it puts me into a coma and I noticed last night that when he has only 30 to 60 seconds to answer, he gets to the point and he is so much better.

O'REILLY: All right. So you were happy with the speaker's…

COULTER: That was -- yes, that, yes…

O'REILLY: OK, thought he did well.

COULTER: You ought to do it on Fox News. Give him 60 seconds. That's it, Newt.

O'REILLY: OK, Herman Cain.

COULTER: I like Herman Cain, but speaking as someone who supported Steve Forbes, Alan Keyes and Pat Buchanan for president, you cannot run for president unless you have held elected office and I think it's got to be governor or senator.

O'REILLY: OK, Rick Santorum? Same as Pawlenty, he gets the Pawlenty shrug.


O'REILLY: OK, nothing that stood out.


O'REILLY: All right. And Ron Paul.

COULTER: Now, that's a different kettle of fish. The only -- other than enjoying Newt Gingrich when he has a time limit on his answer. No, I just -- I remembered why I dislike libertarians so much. Saying government should be out of it is a perfectly good answer for 90 percent of the questions you will ever be presented with. It is not a good answer to what do you think of gay marriage. Oh, we should just get governments out of the business of marriage. No, I'm sorry, marriage has consequences. Who gets to adopt? Who pays alimony? Who inherits? Some of this can be dealt with by private contract, but some of it can't. How do you get the blood test done? What, your tennis coach is going to marry you? That was just a cowardly thing to do. And this is what drives me crazy about libertarians. They dodge the tough questions.

O'REILLY: All right. Now did you see Stossel in the green room? Did you punch him because Stossel is a libertarian. He's coming out here to explain to me what Ron Paul said because I didn't -- I really don't understand.

COULTER: Well, ask him about government get out of the business of marriage. Because there are a thousand legal consequences to marriage.

O'REILLY: I'll ask him about that. OK.

COULTER: And it's a cheap -- cheap answer to say get the government out of it.

O'REILLY: It's an easy -- it's an easy way out.


O'REILLY: Now, your new book "Demonic."


O'REILLY: I didn't know that you yourself underwent an exorcism. Is that what this is about? No.

COULTER: No, but I did send one in when I stayed in the Paula Jones room at the Excelsior Hotel.

O'REILLY: No, I have to -- I read the book today and I think it's your best book.


O'REILLY: And the reason it is Coulter's best book is she tones down the hysteria a little bit and tones up -- very well-researched. I mean, the people that you are criticizing, the far-left Kool-Aid drinkers in the media, OK, can't deny what you're saying. You've got them.

COULTER: I think it's devastating, and I think it explains a lot about liberals. I mean, since writing the book, absolutely every political story I look at through a different lens now. And all these things I could never understand about liberals.

O'REILLY: Yes and it's interesting to see how many of these lies -- and you document them -- and guttersnipe attacks there are. They just -- they never end.

COULTER: Yes. Yes, the conspiracy theories of the left, the myths they promote, the contradictions they promote, the lies, it's all part of mob psychology. How they can just so easily accept a contradiction.

O'REILLY: Yes it's very -- and for any of you who are really chronicling this stuff -- and my favorite line in the book was, "To be fair to O'Reilly, which he wouldn't be to me." Taking a shot, come on. "He wouldn't be to me."

COULTER: And you know it's true. And that's a good story by the way.

O'REILLY: The Dana Milbank who -- who totally lied about our Fox News election coverage story.

COULTER: And you made a joke?

O'REILLY: But you take -- you take a little shot at me.

COULTER: Yes, I did. And you deserved it.

O'REILLY: I did. When have I not been fair to you?

COULTER: Oh just now saying this isn't as hysterical as my other, but none of my books are hysterical.

O'REILLY: Come on, you have been known to go into the little hysterical range once in a while.

COULTER: No. They are funny.

O'REILLY: OK, it's just humor, all right?


O'REILLY: All right.

COULTER: And if Dennis Miller said it, you'd think it's funny. But it's that…

O'REILLY: You abuse me to no end, Ann Coulter, you know that. All right, buy the book "Demonic." You'll like it.

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