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Cavuto: Privacy Doesn't Matter Anymore

FBI has been given broad new powers to search everything


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: Try not to give stock tips on this show...

But this one struck me as a no-brainer.

Buy paper shredder companies.

I don't know who they are. I don't know where they are. I just know they're going to be cleaning up...cutting start buying 'em up. Fast.

Because you might have heard about, the FBI’s been given broad new powers to search everything.

From databases to your household trash in the name of cracking down on potential threats.

Leaving aside just what defines "potential threats" or even whether such threats ever justify rifling through folks' garbage. They're doing with it. Privacy is now so...passé.

Because not only has the internet proved your life's an open book...

And in the case of some congressmen, often a pop-up book...

Now your reputations trashed if there's anything incriminating "in" your trash.

14,000 agents have been given rifling rights to your documents her. so..."shred 'em" if you "got 'em."

Then won't "you" be the lucky one in your neighborhood the next time an agent's picking through your garbage cans in the middle of the night.

Picture, dogs barking, cats hissing. Your spouse shakes you out of your slumber says, "There's someone outside and they're making a lot of noise!!!"

And you just say, "Relax, honey...I shredded everything."

You both laugh.

Before you both...go back to sleep.