Meeting of Global Minds

International Bilderberg Conference convenes in Switzerland


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Power Trip

The annual Bilderberg Conference meets this weekend at a luxury resort in Switzerland. The meeting bills itself as an off-the-record international forum that brings together about 130 participants from various governments as well as executives from industry, banking, media and communications.

But the secretive nature of the meetings, that first began in 1954, has sparked countless conspiracy theories by those who believe the group is trying to form a new world order of sorts.

One Forbes writer joked -- quote -- "There is abundant evidence trans-nationalists plot to establish global hegemony and diminish our national sovereignty... it's called the United Nations."

And the Baltimore Sun noted the venue choice -- quote -- "doesn't seem like the place to plot world domination. Shouldn't they be meeting in a secret underground lair?"

Less Is More

It seems Capitol Hill lawmakers are thinking before they tweet. A website called TweetCongress reports congressional Twitter postings are down more than 27 percent.

This of course follows the ongoing scandal surrounding New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner that started from a Twitter posting.

Gang of Four

The foursome is now set.

Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich will fill out the foursome, joining President Obama, Vice President Biden and Speaker John Boehner on the links next weekend.

Boehner, who is a good golfer joked earlier this week, the president could take as many strokes as he wanted but he'd have to pony up a trillion dollars of spending cuts per stroke.

Transparency Issue

And finally, a new county court house in Ohio is dealing with a transparency issue. But this stems from a fancy new glass staircase that raises concerns for anyone wearing a dress or skirt.

A female judge who works in the building says she'll be taking the elevator in the future. There is even a security guard posted at the staircase to let women know about the problem.

The county says it is aware of the issue.