Common Sense

Cavuto: Presidential History Lesson

GOP candidate will be picked by default


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": The front-runner.

But no one seems to like him.

The guy getting the cash.

But no one seems to be buying him.

Always looking around for someone else.

Anyone else.

Maybe another star will come forward.

The prom date we really longed for...

And not this one we're told we should be settling for.

Because this guy can't win.

He won't win.

Even in a tough economy, the incumbent's just too tough.

And we nominate this'll just be our tough luck.

I'm not talking about Mitt Romney "today."

I'm talking about a fellow named Bill Clinton nearly two decades ago "today."

The tallest dwarf among the challengers to a then virtually unbeatable incumbent president.

Not much different then and now.

Just the parties then and now.

Democrats looked disorganized then.

Republicans look disorganized now.

Democrats were desperate.

...begging a New York governor named Mario Cuomo to run, but he wouldn't.

Republicans "are" desperate.

...begging a New Jersey governor named Chris Christie to run, but he won't.

Rising party star Al Gore took a pass back then.

So too rising party star Paul Ryan seems to be taking a pass right now.

So it was Bill by default.

With all his faults.

Just like for many it appears Romney by default.

With all of "his" faults.

Democrats resigned and depressed at this stage of the race back then.

Republicans resigned and depressed at least a lot of them, at this stage of the race right now.

Democrats thought they might have a chance with the economy softening back then, but Bill wasn't the guy to do it.

Republicans equally convinced they might have a chance with the economy softening right now, but Mitt Romney certainly ain't the guy to do it.

History's a funny thing if we only take a moment to look back.

And remember a snap only a snap…before it’s just shut.

And what we thought couldn't happen does.

And what we think can't happen...might.

Don't believe me.

Believe history.