Living on a Prayer

Prayer ban lifted for high school graduation in Texas


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Capitol Offense?

New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner refrained from involving Capitol Police over the lewd photo sent from his Twitter account. But he did call for backup when a local TV reporter stopped by his congressional office and requested an interview. Police were summoned to ensure she left the premises.

Weiner will not make his scheduled appearance tonight at the Wisconsin Democratic Party Convention in Milwaukee. A state party spokeswoman said this morning that she was informed Weiner had canceled but had no further details.

And the Seattle college student who was sent the photo, tells the New York Post she doesn't think the congressman's account was hacked. She says he may have been trying to send the photo to a porn star with a similar name.

We reached out to Weiner's office but have not heard back.

Livin' On a Prayer

A federal appeals court has lifted a ban on public prayer at a high school graduation in Texas. The ruling late this afternoon, reverses a decision by a lower court, that sided with an agnostic family that sued the San Antonio area school district.

Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn had slammed the lower court ruling that said speakers could not call on audience members to bow their heads, join in prayer or say "amen."

Baker's Doozy

Finally, British intelligence officials cooked up a sweet cyber attack against Al Qaeda's online recruitment magazine.

The Daily Telegraph reports, when followers of AQ in the Arabian Peninsula tried to download instructions in the category of how to make a bomb in your mom's kitchen, terrorists were instead given cupcake recipes.