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Cavuto: Doctor Death Is Dead

Jack Kevorkian has left this world


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: Doctor death is dead.

In case you didn't hear, Jack Kervorkian...the man who assisted 130 people leave this world...has left this world himself.

...died today at a Michigan hospital at the age of 83...

Peacefully, we're told.

Before his death, nurses playing selections from Bach, we are told.

A quiet end to a man who little more than two decades ago loudly shook the medical community to its Hippocratic roots, by challenging what Kevorkian called its ‘hypocritic oafs.’

And he did it with something called a "suicide machine."

A crude concoction of lethal drugs administered by a former pathologist in a van.

He first tried it out on an Alzheimer’s patient, then a cancer patient, then word spread. Soon others desperately ill from Lou Gehrig’s disease to multiple sclerosis...sought Kevorkian help take them out.

Time and again, prosecutors tried to stop him.

But Kevorkian’s assisted suicides kept piling up, as their legal challenges kept blowing up...

Until 1999, when they finally got him...and helped send him to prison...

He resented people calling him a murderer. Said for the terminally ill, he was more like a liberator.

Freeing them from the shackles of bodies long made useless...

With the help of a killer cocktail combination of drugs that would soon make them lifeless.

Today, he just might have got that meeting.

I it went?

Jack Kevorkian. 83.