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Cavuto: What New Commerce Secretary Can Bring to Table

Will Mr. Bryson bring the change that's needed in our failing economy?


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: We have a new commerce secretary.

So why do I feel 100 years to the day it set sail...we have the equivalent of the cruise director on the titanic?

Don't get me wrong.

Former utility CEO John Bryson brings a lot to the table.

I just wonder whether he really changes the place settings on that table.

Because it ain't a great table.

And if I saw it at a restaurant, I’d avoid that table.

Actually, I’d avoid the restaurant.

Now back to my titanic analogy...

I'd avoid the whole dining room on the ship, if not the ship. But sadly, I’m already on the ship. We're all on the ship.

And let's just say the ship has hit the fan.

And nothing I heard today in the president's lavish praise on Mr. Bryson led me to believe we'll be doing much to dramatically altar this ship's sorry course.

Now I'm not saying we're headed for an imminent iceberg.

But let's just say rough waters.

And bragging about a guy's love of I don’t know say solar energy does little to ease my concerns we're still not going under water.

Let's just say, on this whole clean energy, renewable energy...been there, pushed that...but always missing this.


We need 'em and fast.

And after two and a half years...we ain't exactly getting all.

So time for a mid-course correction.

But sadly, with a guy who I guess is gonna keep the same course. correction.

Steady as she goes...but hardly steady, since we ain't exactly going.

That's why it would have been far better to hear the kind of fixes commerce secretaries can offer...

Not pie-in-the-sky technologies that kind of have a history of sinking.

But very real regulatory and tax relief that have a proven history of getting businesses and our economy cruising.

I'd like to be wrong.

I just find it a little eerie that 100 years ago to the day the Titanic first set sail...

We're setting to take on water...all over again.

...which is why when I heard the news of Bryson’s appointment...contrary to all those rumors, I did not say..."oh, no."

I simply said...."Oh, ship."