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Cavuto: Medicare Game Is Our 'Tron' Moment

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: Did any of you see the movie "Tron"?

Frankly, I preferred the 1982 version…

Versus what I thought was the over-the-top special effects, stupid graphics...

Bridges head on a thinner body recent version.

But I digress.

I think this is our "Tron" moment.

And specifically the final minutes in the movie "Tron" moment.

The light is fading fast.

And the time to escape is dwindling down.

I know, in those final moments they're trying to escape a big, old, computer-game fantasy.

But is that all that different than us desperately trying to escape this giant entitlement fantasy?

A fantasy where Washington tells us that Medicare’s fine. Just play on.

And everyone's playing games. And no one says stop.

Except the guys who want out…but time is running out.

I don't want to give away the movie.

Let me go ahead and predict the outcome of this drama.

We don't get out.

We don't escape.

We stay in those stupid outfits.

And thanks to a hopelessly mis-read election in an otherwise obscure New York congressional district…

We don't even fight.

That's my fear.

We've all just been ‘Tronned’…on Medicare.

And I am telling you…the game is over.

We're over.

Because the folks who create the game, have also created the illusion Medicare’s ok, and the real world is wrong.

And those from the real world who try to altar the game?

Well, they're dead.

And now everyone is scared stiff.

Because they're afraid to take on the creators of the game.

Because that ain't fun.

And for the rest of us tax-paying players pouring countless coins into this stupid game…this ain't good.

We've given up the fight.

And now…the game…is over.

We’re all ‘Tronned’.

We’re all gone

We’re all in those stupid outfits.