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Cavuto: You Cant Change a Country's Boundaries

Asking Israel to change its borders is lunacy


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: Just imagine if Germany wanted to change its borders back to what they were in 1942.

And the world just let it. In fact, "forced" all the countries just deal with it. So France is gone. Poland too. Lithuania. Romania. See 'ya. Think it can't happen. Well think about Israel and what the world, with the White House's blessings, is trying to "make" happen.

Shrink it's borders back to what they were before a war that Israel didn’t start, to make room for a nation whose ultimate intentions aren't exactly clear.

What is clear is this:

Israel won that war that I stress it didn't start in 1967...and is now being called upon to surrender that land to the very folks intent on destroying it back then.

No wonder Bibi's busting a gasket...and will try to contain himself two hours from explaining to American Jewish leaders the stupidity of what's being proposed now.

What if Netanyahu turned around on President Obama and said...

"Well if I do then you give up this land you call Texas won in your Mexican war..."

Or while you're at it, "Your whole damn country you won from England back during your Revolutionary War. Those thirteen colonies they all go back to England.”

As I’ve said before, you can no more rejigger boundaries on a whim than you can re-make history on a lark...

Because...this isn't just about Israel carving up what amounts to closet space in a country that comparatively is little bigger than a closet right now.

It's broad-based architectural re-engineering in what amounts to the defeated feasting on the victor's spoils.

If this is the road to peace, please anyone point out the way to Armageddon.

No wonder why Iran’s president is snickering. the world's redecorating.

We're the ones in charge of the interior decorating there.

And gutting our closest friend there.

This doesn't just "border" on lunacy.

This sets up a whole new neighborhood for it.

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