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Viewers React to 'Food Police'

Fans sound off on attack against Ronald McDonald


NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: So Ronald McDonald’s got to go.

The guy I like to call the ‘food police’ top litigator John Banzhaf

Says the clown's a killer and sending the wrong message to kids.

Dennis in Fowler, Colorado...Not buying it.

"I have been eating at McDonald’s since 1940 and quite honestly, I never noticed a clown. Was there a clown? I went for the food. You could have had a 400-pound clown standing there with a sign reading 'This food can make you look like me, clog your arteries and cause you to drop dead,’ and I still would have ordered my burger and fries!'"

Brenda in California.

"That man made me want a Big Mac. I am out to my favorite restaurant now."

Lisa in Virginia.

"Professor what's-his-name is the equivalent of the Burgermesiter Meisterburger from 'Santa Claus is Comin' to Town'…and yes, pun intended."

Jim in Arizona.

"Cavuto quit arguing with idiots. When you do, I begin to wonder who’s the real idiot. You are destroying your tenuous credibility when you out idiot the idiots."

Kathie from Pennsylvania.

"Neil, I’m with you, whatever happened to parents being responsible for their children?"

Gary via Earthlink.

"The gentleman is not exactly the most svelte individual. So is he going to go after the beef industry and pasta industry because he himself cannot maintain a healthy weight?"

Beth via Yahoo.

"I feel like the government is trying to take raising our kids away from us…the more control they take, the more money it costs to run the government...

"They waste enough already. I know. I used to work for them."

Janet in Santa Monica, CA.

"Neil…I shall make a pilgrimage to McDonald’s in your honor."

Dorothy via MSN.

"Neil, you are sooooooooooooooo rude!! You interrupt everyone!! Who do you think you are? Why don't you stop having guests on your show, then maybe you can stop being so rude all the time!!!"

Dorothy had other such attacks…but I then deleted her email.