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Your World Crew Votes on Best Viewer E-mail

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: What is it with this turkey thing?

I held up the bird...said the cuts they're talking about in Washington are chicken feed, and that we're all stuffed...

And now I got this ...a "pun-a-copia”!!

Count an angry Walter in flipping "me" the bird!!

"Neil, you're the turkey!! You used my line...turkey, chicken and cooked goose...rather fowl. I would expect that from Bill O'Reilly, not you."

Ummm...Walter, come here...if you think you've exclusive dibbs on the turkey analogies...let's just say you've got some fine feathered friends...

In fact, I have received so many emails on this...that just getting to the list down I have....proved a beast of a task...

Now some of these are so good, I cannot judge for myself which is the winning e-mail, the ‘Pun-a-Copia’ best. For that, I turn to the very same tech and stage crew that stole that frozen turkey that "I" paid for the other day. Remember the one I was holding up. They’re the ones to judge the following emails.

So, here we go.

Guys, you ready?

We got a laugh-oh-meter to decide who wins...

So, here we go.

Butch in Newton, Mass.

"Stick a fork in it."

Frank in New Milford, Connecticut.

"Great job giving Washington the bird."

R.C. out in Conroe, Texas thinks I could have gone even further with that on-set turkey demonstration...

"You could have just turned the turkey over, but I doubt that those in Washington would get such a subtle gesture."

I like that,

Wanda, in Maryland.

"Neil, I want to thank you for keeping the viewers 'abreast' of the situation on the budget...we will never 'recoop' the money that they borrowed from us..."

I like that too.

Wendell in Savannah, Georgia.

"Neil...we need to derail the turkeys' gravy train in D.C..!"

Tom in Dalton, Ga.

"Neil, you know something's a-foul when Washington spends so much time ducking the issue."

Steven in West Palm Beach, Florida.

"The budget cuts are like the giblets from an oven stuffer roaster. Paul Ryan stuck his neck out on the budget and Newt treated him like a Thanksgiving turkey."

Kevin in Dover, New Hampshire.

"Neil, there is hope. With every turkey, there is a wishbone."

Stephen in Massachusetts.

"Thank you for having the giblets to tell America the truth. Your sage advice helps to keep us focused...

"And avoid all the pumpkin pie in the sky promises that will surely have our necks on the chopping block in the very near future..."

Stephen, hands-down, you win the award for most turkey puns in a single e-mail! Touché...or should I say...turke'!

Ophelia E-mails.

"Just saw your excellent turkey demonstration. The libs' will cry fowl!!"

Larry in Virginia.

"I summed up the whole show with the observation that "our goose is cooked."


This is an experiment we’re trying here.

OK, based on the laugh-o-meter-returns. From the crew that selfishly stole the frozen turkey.

Steve from West Palm Beach, Florida.