Common Sense

Cavuto's 'Fan Mail,' Round 2

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: Just when I was beginning to think I was fat…fat chance some of you would let those nasty emails I read yesterday ruin my appetite.

The response after the rips.

From Joey D., in New York.

"Fat? I'm 350 pounds, think cheese doodles are a food group, and have arteries like the Long Island Expressway at rush hour. You look fine to me. Tell your haters to switch the channel and eat a salad."

Thank you Joey, I think.

Kelly e-mails.

"You seem perfectly fine-looking to me. Then again, my TV is small and most of the time my cable picture is fuzzy."

These are the good e-mails by the way.

Tom in Jacksonville,

"So what? You have a big head and wear ugly ties. At least you have a bunch of foxy chicks on your show."

Stephen via Verizon.


"I have no problem with your so-called being rude to guests; I have a problem with your inviting those f----“

(I’m not going to say that word) “Idiots on in the first place."

And as for my suspicion a lot of these might be coming from a certain rival news network that begins with "M" and ends with "C."

Russell in Arizona says cannot be…

"…you just cited more people than they actually have viewers."

Mike in Princeton, New Jersey.

"I enjoy your show and don't think you look like Frankenstein. You look like Eddie Munster, kind of grown up."

Again, these are the nice e-mails.

Bob, in Michigan.

"Neil, hard to believe you have that many clueless and classless viewers. Scary part is…they vote!! Keep up the good work."

And as for those super smart, degrees out the ying-yang viewers saying intelligent people wouldn't be caught dead watching this show…

Bryan from Cincinnati writes…

"As far as I’m concerned they were rubbish…you're a wonderful analyst with a great sense of class and humor”

And he describes himself as an “Ex-player for the NY Knicks, who retired to become an astronaut while working his way through grad school, in order to attain my four doctorates!"

This from Tim, in Florida.

"Neil for those so-called intellectuals, I’m not a doctor, but I happen to have a 145 IQ. I think you're grrrreeaattt!!"

Randall in Lexington, KY.

"I happen to think you do a pretty good job regardless of the degrading emails you shared with us…you ask hard questions, seem pretty fair to both sides, point out hypocrisy and admit when you're biased. These are good traits."

Linda emails that I’m bigger than I know…

"I love your sense of humor, knowledge, interview style, Italian family blurbs, ties - the list goes on and on! But most of all I want to thank you for getting me through a very scary situation. A few months ago I had to have emergency surgery. I was so sick. The ER doctors and nurses loaded me up with medication for the pain and the vomiting. When a doctor came to me and said he was the surgeon who would be operating on me I went into panic mode. In my surreal state I wanted to get up and run but knew I couldn't even lift my head. As he continued to talk and I looked at his face suddenly I became completely calm. He looked just like you and I knew that God was sending me a message that everything would be fine. So, thank you Neil for being you! You are loved."