Rep. Rohrabacher: U.S. Should Not Give Money to Rogue Nations

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: So, they’re game-playing, and we just keep paying and paying.

To Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California, who says, you know what? Enough is enough. He just introduced a bill to pull all aid to Pakistan.

I guess, Congressman, this cinches it, doesn’t it?

REP. DANA ROHRABACHER, R-CALIF.: It certainly does.

But, again, this is just one incident where, after years and years of fooling ourselves, trying to say to ourselves that this is -- these people are really our friends, this government is a friendly government, by ignoring all of the things they’re doing which dramatically, negatively impacts on our security, we’ve been acting like fools.

We’ve been giving money to people who are doing things that put us in jeopardy. We should quit acting like fools, and they’ll quit treating us like fools.

CAVUTO: I wonder, though. We got word today, sir, that we’ve apparently given Pakistan more money we thought, since fiscal year 2002, better than $20 billion, $3 billion more on tap.

You say close the spigot entirely?

ROHRABACHER: I don’t think we should be giving any money to governments that are acting in a way that jeopardizes American security.  And, all along, we’ve refused to knowledge that they’re involved with these things.

Listen, while we were giving them aid, they were -- they were working with communist China to build up a nuclear arsenal. So, in effect, we were giving them billions of dollars to develop their own nuclear weapons, which then they helped North Korea.

They’ve been doing it -- they -- they helped create the Taliban.  And even after 9/11, they gave refuge to Osama, and, also, they’ve armed the Taliban to come up and kill us in Afghanistan. We have to quit ignoring this. We have to reestablish new ties. We have to get a new security alliance, which, instead of going with our enemy and pretending that it’s our friend, we should go with India and try to develop a friendly relationship with India and the other anti-radical-Islamic forces in that region.

CAVUTO: But, sir, with the best of intentions, do you really want to incite more wrath between two nuclear powers?

ROHRABACHER: We aren’t -- there’s no inciting wrath between Pakistan and India.

All -- you know, the Pakistanis all along have been spending the very limited money that we give them to help them develop their economy. They don’t even have a health care system or an education system for their kids.  And they’re spending it building up their army, not for any other reason but to fight India, and also, by the way, to support radical Islam, which their army has been doing.

So, no, that’s not going to -- you know, it’s just like saying, do we want to make Hitler mad at us? After all, he’s a very powerful man now.  No, what we need to do is quit acting like fools, and they’ll quit -- quit -- they will quit treating us like fools.

CAVUTO: All right, Congressman, we will watch closely. Thank you.

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