Cain: 'American People Are Anxious for Solutions'

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: Remember, you can watch all five candidates face off in the first presidential primary debate here on Fox News Channel at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time tomorrow night.

My next guest is one of those participating in the debate and what’s at stake in that debate. Herman Cain will be joining us shortly.

But think of what Carl just said about who is there, but, more importantly, who is not there, and whether people in that state, Republicans particularly in that state, will feel slighted by those who don’t attend.

Well, they needn’t worry with the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, Herman Cain, because he will be there.

Herman, are you going to make hay of the fact that some of your better-known Republican colleagues are not going to be there?

HERMAN CAIN, CEO, THE NEW VOICE: Well, Neil, as you know, is here, as I tell people.

(LAUGHTER) CAIN: I think that -- I think that they’re making a mistake, but, hey, they have to make their own decisions.

I wanted to be here primarily because I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity, which is what it is, to share my common sense solutions with a very large audience. And I appreciate Fox doing this. And we are happy to be here. And we’re delighted.

CAVUTO: What do you make of the fact that they’re calling it sort of like a junior-junior debate because the senior or top-ranking or top-polled figures aren’t even there?

CAIN: Well, I think they are misled.

For example, Mitt Romney was in attendance last Friday night when we were up in New Hampshire and they had a summit of the potential Republican nominees. I spoke. Rick Santorum was there, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney, and as well as Michele Bachmann.

They took a straw poll afterwards. Well, Neil, I’m not bragging, but I won the straw poll convincingly, 55 percent of the vote. So, this is another reason why I don’t think of the people that are showing up as second tier or junior, especially when you start looking at some of the results that we are getting on the ground in Iowa and New Hampshire, especially me.

So, I think that they have made a mistake by not being here. And I’m looking forward to it, and I know that the other participants are also.

CAVUTO: Well, a so-called junior, secondary candidate back in 1976 was a certain former Georgia governor named Jimmy Carter, if memory serves me right. So, you never know.

But what is your signature issue, Herman? What will it be? What is the focus of your campaign?

CAIN: I have three co-critical number-one issues. They are equally critical.

National security. We have got to make sure that our national security does not get weaker, but that it gets stronger.

Number two, the economy, jobs, jobs, jobs, providing some direct stimulus.

I am proposing as part of my direct stimulus -- not indirect stimulus through more spending – we’ve got to lower the top corporate rate from 35 to 25 percent. We’ve got to take the capital gains rate to zero. I believe we should spend -- suspend taxes on repatriated profits. And I believe we should offer a real payroll tax holiday to workers and employers. And then, fifth, after you do all of those changes, make the tax rates permanent.

We need to remove this veil of uncertainty, Neil, off of this economy, so businesses will be confident in investing again.

And my third co-critical issue, energy independence. I plan to have a real energy independence plan for this nation. The sad thing -- well, the irony is, we have the resources to do it. We just haven’t had the leadership. So, those are my co-three top priorities that I know that the American people are anxious for some solutions, and not just some more rhetoric.

CAVUTO: If you’re indeed in the race, and Donald Trump joins the race, and Mitt Romney joins the race, those are three accomplished businessmen in the race. Do you then battle each other, saying, I’m the better businessman?

CAIN: No, because we -- the three of us have different business experiences.

My business experiences have all been from the bottom up. As you know, I worked my way up the corporate ladder when I was at Burger King to become a vice president. I worked my way up a second time to become a vice president with Burger King Corporation. And then, when I was made president of Godfather’s Pizza, we were looking bankruptcy right between the eyes, and we were able to -- we were able to save the company from bankruptcy. 

So, my experiences...


CAVUTO: But you’re going to -- that’s all well and good, but you’re going to have to tell people whether you ate the product at any of these places, because you;ve very stayed thin and fit all these years.

(LAUGHTER) CAVUTO: I am waiting for that answer, Herman Cain.

Thank you, my friend. Very good having you.

(LAUGHTER) CAIN: I not only made it; I ate it.

CAVUTO: I don’t believe it.

CAIN: Thanks, Neil. 


CAVUTO: All right, Herman Cain in Greenville, you can watch him in the big debate manana.

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