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How Prince William Could Get on the 'Fast Track' to the Throne

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Prince William has found his princess. When exactly will that prince become king, because, as we all know, Prince Charles stands between Prince William and the queen in line for the throne? We spoke with Fox News contributor, author of "William and Kate, a Royal Love Story," Christopher Andersen about that and much more.


VAN SUSTEREN: This is exciting for the British people, a royal wedding. Tell me, are the new -- not the new prince, but is the prince ready and -- are they ready for this?

CHRISTOPHER ANDERSEN, AUTHOR, "WILLIAM AND KATE": They are more than ready. He's been training his entire life. The queen used to have Prince William over for tea at Windsor Castle at the beginning of age five on a weekly basis to give him a tutorial in kinging, as it were. So he has been getting on-the-job training his entire life. And obviously Kate Middleton is getting it now.

What is going to change the monarchy not so much what the -- to change the monarchy not so much what the Windsors taught him but what Diana taught him. She took him and Harry to McDonald's, amusement parks, homeless centers and aids clinics and close exposed them to the real world.

VAN SUSTEREN: Does the queen like Kate Middleton?

ANDERSEN: Absolutely. This isn't by accident. This is a very shrewd woman, and I have to say this in a complementary and positive way. She set out to win the hearts and minds of the will family. She cozied up to Charles and Camilla. Even though she is seriously allergic to horses she never missed a polo match of Charles' or William's or Harry's. She has made the effort I think to win their confidence, and that's a major part of this job that is before her.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is the queen likely to step aside and Prince Charles become the king or not? Does it the dynamics watch is going on within the royal family?

ANDERSEN: This is a big scoop I've earthed, and that is the same sources that tied me off this wedding a year and a half ago exactly when it would happen have been telling me for the first time, the queen is considering retirement.

And I have to tell you why. Because she is facing an unusual and unique set of circumstances. She is the oldest monarch by far she has surpassed Queen Victoria, three years ago in age. She could live to be 101 like the queen mother. If she does that, Charles won't ascend to the throne until he's 80. And that would mean William would not ascend to the throne until he was 70. That would be a catastrophe for the monarchy.

Three quarters of the British people want William and Kate on the throne as soon as possible, not Charles and Camilla. So the queen is for the first time behind the scenes seriously considering the possibility, which she had never done before, of stepping down to make this -- to put Charles on the throne for a short period of time and allow William perhaps in his mid-40s, to become king.

VAN SUSTEREN: I got the idea that some of the British subjects sort of -- with Prince Charles, that they became disenchanted with him in the days after the divorce. Have the British subjects warmed up to Prince Charles? What about Prince William, is he loved by the British subjects?

ANDERSEN: Absolutely, the British people love William. Every popularity poll there he comes out on top. They love Kate as well now. She has won them over as well.

Camilla has always been viewed with suspicion and disdain by the British people because they believe that she broke up the marriage of Diana, and of course Diana occupies a special place in their hearts as well.

Charles has kind of worn them down. He's a fixture. He has proved a loving father to both William and Harry. So I think in the end they are willing to see him at least be on the throne for a while. It is not like they have a choice. This idea they have the queen can decide who is going to succeed her. She can't. By law Charles is going to be king and he's not stepping aside for anybody. He has waited for this job longer than anybody in history and he's going to get it. But the question becomes when and for how long he will be willing to reign?

VAN SUSTEREN: Princess Diana was a challenge for the queen, so it will be interesting to see whether the queen and Kate enjoy a good relationship.

ANDERSEN: Kate has done everything asked of her and more to be accepted by the royal family. And boy, the queen is obviously breathing a huge sigh of relief because her own children have been by and large a huge, huge disappointment at last in their romantic lives. It's been one sleazy scandal after another for 30 years.

And I think that's not going to happen with Kate. I think she has never been the source of any controversy or scandal, never embarrassed William. In fact she has pulled him back from the brink of embarrassment and protected him many times. So I think the queen is grateful for that.

VAN SUSTEREN: We are going to be watching come wedding day, and we are excited for the soon to be newlyweds. Nice to see you, thank you for helping us.

ANDERSEN: Great seeing you again, Greta, thank you.