Common Sense

Cavuto: Mr. President, the Onus Is on You to Lead

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": You know the one thing that's good about being president?

You always have the bully pulpit.

Even if now and then, what you're saying is "total bull-pit."

I know it is easy for this president to forget life before he was president.

But seeing as it wasn't all that long ago, kind of hard for me to forget the things he said when he wasn't president.

Like when he opposed raising the debt ceiling, on principle, he said as a senator.

Pure politics when Republicans say the same, now that he's a president.

So a lot of stink about Republicans threatening that they might.

Not a word about the president, who as a senator, did.

Just like this whole debt mess.

Republicans play games.

The White House plays it straight.

So it's the other side that's playing up the drama.

You're just the side that's playing up starving grandma.

They're the ones who are silly.

You're the one being serious.

Like when you seriously say we have to keep an eye on spending more than we take in…

But you keep spending more than we take in.

Or say we have to live within our means…

But just keep spending, under the guise; you're investing in the future.

They're no saints your opponents, Mr. President.

But you're not exactly the pope, yourself, Mr. President.

If you're truly sick of politics as usual….try something unusual.

Quit talking about how you're sick of politics as usual.

Quit saying the other side isn't offering specifics, then ripping them a new one when they do offer specifics.

You are quite right to say all politicians play these games.

I just expect more of my president…any president of any party…to rise above these games.

The onus is on you to lead.

And encourage others to follow.

Because you can't get them at a table when you're just flinging forks in their eyes.

And you can't claim they're the ones being petty…

When each and every day your words ain't exactly pretty.

You admitted recently to playing politics on the debt as a senator.

Prove to the world you're above the same temptation now as a president.

We'd all be in your debt.

Actually we’d literally be in your debt.