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Trusting President Obama


By Bill O'Reilly


So now we have chaos at the airports because security people are patting us down or putting us into intrusive machines. Just three days before Thanksgiving, the nation may be looking at a big mess for the holiday travel season.


There is a good reason why the federal government wants stringent security on airlines, and President Obama articulated that reason on Saturday:


PRESIDENT OBAMA: In the aftermath of the Christmas Day bomber, our TSA personnel are, properly, under enormous pressure to make sure that you don't have somebody slipping on a plane with some sort of explosive device on their persons.



Of course, that is true. The jihadists would blow up any American plane if they could.


But the price we all are paying to protect ourselves is becoming a huge issue. It's unpleasant to go to the airport, and the extent of the searches should not happen in a free society. So the feds should be looking to modify the airport security program.


"Talking Points" believes in selective body scans, not everybody. Use whatever formula you want, but random searches are just as effective as universal searches.


The big political issue is that President Obama faces yet another situation that is making Americans angry. Tick them off: civilian trials for Al Qaeda killers, the Ground Zero mosque, slow work on the oil spill, unemployment not improving. It's one thing after another for the president.


So there's no question that trust in Mr. Obama's ability to run the country is eroding -- and quickly. Some of that is the president's fault, but some of it is not. However, he must face the facts his administration is not a success at this point.


I spent a ton of time researching Barack Obama for my book "Pinheads and Patriots," and I learned a very important thing: The president is not a nimble man. He does not react quickly to urgent situations. He's more of a college professor type mulling things over.


In the age of 24/7 news, much of it hysterical, that approach is not going to cut it. Most Americans don't like what's happening in the country and many of them are blaming the president.


Right now, Mr. Obama should order a re-evaluation of the airport screening process. Stop the madness before it gets completely out of control.


Random searches combined with the traditional security machines should be enough. No system is perfect, but intruding upon the entire flying population is simply unacceptable.


And that's "The Memo."


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