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Election News Continues to Be Very Bad for Democrats


By Bill O'Reilly


First of all, this Florida story about Bill Clinton trying to get Kendrick Meek to drop out of the race is much ado about nothing.


Mr. Meek, the Democratic candidate for Senate, is not going to win. Republican Marco Rubio is. The latest poll out Friday says Rubio is up 20 points. So Democrats can huff and puff all day long, but it is pretty much over in Florida.


As for the other important races across the country, in Washington state it is a dead-heat between Patty Murray and Dino Rossi, according to Survey USA.


In Pennsylvania, Republican Pat Toomey has pulled ahead of Democrat Joe Sestak for the Senate. Rasmussen now has Toomey up by four.


In California, it looks like Jerry Brown will win, although according to Rasmussen, Meg Whitman is closing the gap. So that gubernatorial race is still in play.


As far as Sen. Barbara Boxer is concerned, a field poll has her up eight points over Carly Fiorina, so that's good news for her.


Now let's take a look at Nevada, the big one for the Democrats since Sen. Harry Reid is the majority leader. The latest Mason Dixon poll has Sharon Angle up by four points over Reid, and I believe Ms. Angle will win that race. There is simply too much anger and unemployment in Nevada for Reid to survive.


In Wisconsin, say goodbye to the very liberal senator, Russ Feingold. He is currently nine points behind Republican Ron Johnson.


In Massachusetts, one of Barack Obama's close friends, Governor Deval Patrick, is just two points up on his challenger, Charles Baker, according to Rasmussen. But a Suffolk News poll has the governor up by seven.


In Kentucky, it looks like Rand Paul has put it away. He is up 12 points over Jack Conway, according to Rasmussen.


In the Delaware Senate race, which has received massive public attention because of Christine O'Donnell, a new Monmouth University poll shows she has closed the gap to 10 points.


Other tight races for the Senate are in Colorado, Illinois, West Virginia and Alaska, but we have no new polling on those.


Summing up, almost every pundit is now predicting that the Republicans will take back the House and come very close in the Senate, especially if Ms. O'Donnell can win. So there you have it.


And that's "The Memo."


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