Talking Points

More Bad News for President Obama in the Polls

By Bill O'Reilly

A new Gallup poll out Tuesday says that just 41 percent of Americans now approve of the job Mr. Obama is doing. Fifty-three percent disapprove. That is the lowest rating from Gallup in the president's tenure.

So why is this happening? And will the president fall below 40 percent and into the 30s, which would signal disaster?

"Talking Points" believes the primary reason Barack Obama is falling in the polls is that independent voters have lost confidence in him. The 47 percent of Americans who voted against Mr. Obama pretty much feel the same way today, but the independents who put him in office are not happy.

And apparently even some Democrats are wavering. That's because the president has no big wins on his resume. The economy remains awful; Afghanistan is in trouble; the oil spill was chaos, and the president is spending a record amount of money while results are few.

No politician can survive in that climate.

The president is doing everything he can to change the negative perception, and that includes continuing to pound the Republican Party:


PRESIDENT OBAMA: They have not come up with a single, solitary new idea to address the challenges of the American people. They don't have a single idea that's different from George Bush's ideas. Not one. Instead, they're betting on amnesia. That's what they're counting on. They're counting on that y'all forgot. They think that they can run the okey-doke on you. Bamboozle you.


So rather than running on his record, the president is saying, "Hey, look, the other guys are worse."

Will that stem the tide for Mr. Obama? Doubtful.

The major achievement of the Obama administration so far has been the passage of national health care, but polls show that most Americans don't really want it, and it will take years to see if Obamacare is a positive for America.

So at this point, there is only one thing that can save the president: a surge in the economy. And there is no question that Mr. Obama is banking on that, no pun intended.

"Talking Points" believes that if Mr. Obama falls below a 40 percent approval rating, Hillary Clinton may challenge him for the Democratic nomination in 2012. It's risky for Secretary Clinton, but she does want to be president. In order to make a run at it, she has to raise more than $100 million, and that takes time. So Mrs. Clinton would have to make a decision by next spring at the latest.

It all depends on the polls. The president must stay above 40 percent.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Most of us on television have humble beginnings, and that includes "Saturday Night Live" provocateur Tina Fey:


TINA FEY, COMEDIAN: "Hi" can have a lot of different meanings. For example, "Hi, nice to meet you" or "Hi, I have no idea who you are." "Hi, my long lost brother, Phil, you owe me money." And then there's, "Hi," as in did you see the current interest rate at Mutual Savings Bank? It's really high. Stop in, and they'll give you a big, friendly hi. Hi.


Is Ms. Fey a patriot for doing that spot? You make the call.

On the pinhead front, as you may know, CNN is having terrible ratings problems and recently moved a new guy into the 8 p.m. time slot to replace Campbell Brown.

Well, things have gotten off to a shaky start, as ratings are down 41 percent from Ms. Brown's, year to year. So there is some venting going on about Fox News getting a front-row seat at the White House:


RICK SANCHEZ, CNN ANCHOR: I understand the Associated Press. I even understand Bloomberg. But don't you have to be a news organization to get that seat?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you saying Fox is not a news organization?

SANCHEZ: I'm just wondering.


Pinhead? No doubt.