Talking Points

President Obama on the Descent

By Bill O'Reilly

As we reported Wednesday night, this week is the low point for the Obama administration. And on Thursday a new Wall Street Journal poll confirms what we said.

For the first time in that poll, more Americans think President Obama is doing a bad job than a good job: 48 percent disapprove, 45 percent say he's doing OK. But the really bad news for the president is that 62 percent of Americans feel the country is heading in the wrong direction, and that is the highest number since before the presidential election of 2008.

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"Talking Points" believes it is the chaos factor that is damaging the Obama administration. Once again, the economy, shaky; the oil spill, chaos; the Afghan war, not going well; and the border situation is so bad, the state of Arizona is now defying the federal government.

Add it all up and you are in the chaos zone.

No president can survive there. Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were all done in by the perception they could not control the country. That is where President Obama is right now, but he has a very powerful ally: the American media.

After the president fired Gen. McChrystal, put together this montage of press reaction:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sounds like a pretty brilliant decision, really.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is nothing less than a stunning development, Brian, and quite frankly, at a quick glance, almost brilliant.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Politically, in this town, it's going to be seen as a brilliant choice by the president.

WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: A very brilliant move to tap Gen. Petraeus.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think he took swift and decisive action. I think that's how it's going to be read.


So I guess firing McChrystal was a brilliant move. And by the way, we could have played that montage for another 30 seconds with different reporters echoing the same theme.

Like life, politics is not fair. President Obama did not cause the oil spill. He did not encourage Gen. McChrystal to make indiscreet comments. He inherited a very bad economy, but has not been able to turn it around.

For a guy like the president, who is ultra-confident, this must be a very frustrating time. His policies simply are not working, and if the war in Afghanistan and the economy get worse, he will go the way of Jimmy Carter.

Fair-minded Americans bear no malice towards Mr. Obama. Just as President Bush was treated unfairly at times, so has President Obama.

But the truth is America is now in the chaos zone, and next November is coming up fast.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

I hesitate to use this piece of video because it's bizarre, but here goes. You remember that the late Michael Jackson once owned a chimp named Bubbles. And you may also remember Jackson's sister La Toya. Well, La Toya and Bubbles recently got together.

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LATOYA JACKSON: Bubbles? Do you remember me, Bubbles? You're looking like you do. Do you, Bubbles? Oh, I want to kiss you. I want to hug you. And I know I can't because you're so big! I think you remember me, don't you?


Any pinheads in there? You make the call.

But there's definitely a pinhead involved in this next exposition.

The city of Barre, Vermont, wants to require cats to be on leashes when they're out of the house. The Animal Control people say there are too many cats roaming around and it's just not right. A vote will be taken soon, but we are with the born free people. Leave the cats alone. If you don't, you're a pinhead.