Common Sense

Better to Be Seen Nude And Alive Than Dressed and Dead

Better to see me nude and alive, than dressed and dead: That pretty much sums up most Americans' apparent ambivalence to this whole naked airport scanner thing.

Privacy groups cry foul that it isn’t right some stranger looking at you in your birthday suit. Someone will take advantage of that — my luck, even YouTube that.

But Americans don't seem to be stressing over that, because they prefer simply being safe. So if that means some stranger looking at them without a stitch of clothing, barely a stitch of complaint.

The underwear bomber got us to this point, of course; probably ruined it for more modest folks not exactly keen on sharing such images with anyone. But now, perfectly OK if it protects everyone.

We tend to swallow a lot for safety; including, our dignity. But again, I suspect there's not much dignity in dying, so on with this annoyance so we may continue living.

Fear does that to you. Because as much as we fear feeling embarrassed, we fear something else much more: Not feeling anything at all.

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