Comcast CEO Is Proving Executives Are Good With Charity Work

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BRIAN SULLIVAN, GUEST HOST: All right, in a time when it seems that every CEO is getting a bad name, one executive is going above and beyond. And this is National Service Week, remember.

Brian Roberts is the CEO of Comcast. His company will be putting 50,000 volunteers to work this Saturday on 500 projects across the country.

And Brian Roberts joining us now.

Brian, thanks very much for coming on the program.

It's great. What's your — what are you going to be doing? Where are you? And what is your service activity?

BRIAN ROBERTS, CEO, COMCAST CORPORATION: Thank you, Brian. Thanks for having us.

I'm going to two locations. I'm going to start in the morning in Atlanta. We're going to a nature center, we are doing some greening up of and planting and some beautification.

And then I'm flying to Chattanooga and our team in Chattanooga. And we're doing more service. We have over 500 locations. My dad, 89 years old, is going to be in Philadelphia going out on a day of service. And all of our employees, executives, and their families are encouraged. We're up to almost 55,000 volunteers in one day, over a million hours of service that we have given over the last several years doing it this way.

And it's great for the company. It's great for the communities where we're their company and broadband provider. But, most of all, in these tough times, it just makes you feel connected to institutions, whether they are schools or rec centers or police athletic leagues, where people volunteer all the time. And, so, for Comcast, this is — it makes it so special.

SULLIVAN: Well, how do you pick the projects, right? Like you said, there's so much to do, Brian. How do you pick the projects?


ROBERTS: Were very decentralized in that regard, and so we leave it to the local employees to come up where they want to work, what they think, what organization they're involved with, so it is not a one-shot deal.

We also make a cash contribution to each of these organizations, based on the number of volunteers that show up. So, we will give away $1.5 million in cash, as well 50,000 people's full-time day. It's a — it is unique. And it's a win-win.

SULLIVAN: What is the employee reaction?

ROBERTS: I think they are proud, proud of — proud to bring their kids and say, this is where I work, proud to live in the community, and say, we're giving back, and that the company would support something like this in the many ways that we do to help organize it.

And it is a very viral thing. It started very small. One town got involved in a community service day. And it just mushroomed throughout the whole country. And within eight years, we have now gotten up to — we have 100,000 employees. We will have 55,000 working in one day. I mean, just as a percentage and as a pure volume, I'm not sure there is a bigger day of service in corporate America.

So, I'm very proud of everybody at Comcast. They make us look good.

SULLIVAN: Well, we need more corporate — listen, Brian, you know, you and I have talked a lot in the past. I have been doing this a while.

Corporate America has never probably been lower, the perception. So, you have got to get on some of your other fellow CEOs' butts and have them get out and do this kind of stuff.

ROBERTS: Well, I think that volunteerism in America generally — and I hear what you're saying, but I think volunteerism in America generally is what makes America so special.

And I think — you know, I can only speak for Comcast. This has been part of our DNA since my dad started the company in the early '60s. And we have tried to give back to the communities that are fortunate enough to invite us into your living rooms and into your communities to be your cable company.

So, thank you for saying that. And we will keep at it. And, hopefully, this year will be the biggest we ever have had.

SULLIVAN: Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast — Brian, a pleasure. Thank you so much. And good luck this weekend.

ROBERTS: Thank you. Appreciate your support.

SULLIVAN: Watch those — watch those shovels. Watch those shovels.


SULLIVAN: All right.

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