Pressure for S.F. Mayor to Step Down

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DAVID ASMAN, GUEST HOST: Calls today for the mayor of San Francisco to step down. It follows outrage, as it may well should, over a triple murder. Edwin Ramos, an illegal immigrant, is accused of gunning down Tony Bologna and his two sons in a road rage incident. Ramos had two prior felonies, but was never deported because San Francisco is a sanctuary city.

With me now, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo. He says Mayor Gavin Newsom should resign.

Well, certainly, if the city`s rule was in any way responsible, I would agree with you. Now, form...

REP. TOM TANCREDO (R), COLORADO: It is responsible. It is responsible.

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ASMAN: Form the connect between the city`s rule and — and these awful killings.

TANCREDO: You bet. You bet.

And perhaps — I mean, it`s not the — it`s not the only city in America with a sanctuary city policy, but it`s the most prominent. It displays it. It — it touts its sanctuary city policy.

And that policy is this, that, if you are in the city and ever — and ever — and if you come into contact with their — with the local police force there, if you have done something wrong, they come into contact with you, don`t worry. They will not inform the ICE agency — the local ICE agency — that you are an illegal alien. That`s a sanctuary city policy.

ASMAN: Well, let me — let me just stop.

For those who don`t know the case, I misspoke before. I said two arrests. This guy was arrested three times before this murder was convicted, or...

TANCREDO: He had two — had two felony arrests and three more arrests after that.

ASMAN: All right. I have — I have the fact that he was convicted of assault. A year later, he was arrested for trying to rob a pregnant woman. And then, in March of this year, he was arrested again on a gun charge. So, I count three, Congressman.


And he — before that, he had two felony convictions for drug-related — I mean for gang-related activity. That`s the way it`s put. I don`t know of the specifics. But, so, there`s five, a total of five.

ASMAN: Now, how was — how was the mayor in any way responsible for - - for not having this guy be in jail, where he should have been?

TANCREDO: Because, of course, if they did not have this policy, then it is the law, the responsibility of the city, to communicate with ICE when they come into contact with someone who is here illegally and has broken another law, just exactly what — like this guy had done, and not just by crossing the street.

ASMAN: So, if it was — if it was not a sanctuary city, this guy would have been in jail? That`s your contention?

TANCREDO: That is absolutely true. He would have been out of here. He would have been in jail or deported, one or the other. He would have been deported, and not in the United States.

ASMAN: Is there any sign of any remorse by any public official in San Francisco?

TANCREDO: The mayor said recently that it was the federal government that was at fault because we — our system was broken. But, of course, he is not only culpable from the standpoint of the — of having it — running a sanctuary city. I believe he is liable — I believe liable in a court of law.

I believe that the — that the relatives, that the mother of the — and wife of the slain victims here can and should sue the city and the mayor, because they are culpable in her husband and her children`s death.

ASMAN: Are you going to help them to do that?

TANCREDO: Absolutely.

I have suggested — I have made contact with the family through their representative. I have told them that I would encourage them to do that. If they wanted, you know, the direction on where to go to get some legal help, I would provide that.

So, I am totally willing and hoping that they will do that, because, you know, the great tragedy is the loss of their lives. The next tragedy is if we just let this go on and on and on, because thousands of people a year face a similar situation. And, I mean, it`s in the thousands.

ASMAN: We`re — we`re looking at a picture of the boys there that were killed, and the husband, killed by an AK-47, by the way, in this case of road rage, an incredible tragedy...


ASMAN: ... and a brutal, brutal crime.

Congressman, thank you very much for coming in. Appreciate it.

TANCREDO: You bet. Thank you.

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