Did McCain Hurt Flood Rescue Efforts?

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: The governor of Iowa firing off on John McCain today for visiting his flooded state, claiming that he hampered rescue-and- recovery efforts — now the mayor telling the governor, simply not true.

On the phone, Mayor Dan Wilson of Columbus Junction, who met with Senator McCain yesterday.

Mayor, thanks for coming.

DAN WILSON (R), MAYOR OF COLUMBUS JUNCTION, IOWA: Certainly. Glad to talk to you.

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CAVUTO: The governor was essentially saying just all the personnel and disruption caused by a major presidential descending on the state causes more of a mess than it helps. You obviously disagree. Why?

WILSON: Well, let me clarify.

I was not sure that that information came directly from the governor. I heard that maybe it had come from some of his aides or someone on his staff. So, I am not sure it came directly from the governor. He has certainly been gracious to us and been here on several occasions himself.


CAVUTO: The governor has, you're saying?

WILSON: Pardon me?

CAVUTO: The governor has?

WILSON: Yes, he has.

CAVUTO: Got you. Go ahead. I'm sorry.

WILSON: He's visited us twice in the last week, and I have visited with him on several occasions. And he has been very gracious and very helpful to us.

Senator McCain's staff called me prior to their visit at least twice and asked if it was OK. They certainly clarified that they did not want to cause any interruption, and if I thought that it was going to be a problem, either with security or an interruption in our efforts in any way, they would not come. And I told them very clearly that it would not be a problem.

We had worked with their staff and with the Secret Service to make sure that there was no interruption of our work of any type. And there certainly was not a problem.

CAVUTO: Was there a problem when the president came?

WILSON: The president has not been here to Columbus Junction.

CAVUTO: Not to your town, but to the state. I'm sorry.


WILSON: Not that I am aware of, no, not that I am aware of at all. Senator Grassley and Senator Harkin were here with me this morning in Columbus Junction, and they said the same thing. If there was going to be any problem with the work we were doing and the efforts we were making, they certainly would not come.

And I said, we would like you to come visit.

And it was no interruption, not a problem at all. So, we appreciate them taking their time out of their schedule to come take a look at the efforts here.

CAVUTO: All right. Mayor, thank you very much.


CAVUTO: All right.


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