Libertarian 2008 Candidate Bob Barr

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: In the meantime, to the third- party candidate right now Libertarian candidate Bob Barr. He's looking at a multimillion- dollar windfall from Ron Paul supporters.

Bob, welcome.

What is the deal here? They are bailing out. You are the draw, I guess, or you hope to be, right?


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Certainly, the message that we bring to this campaign -- and that is of limited government, and greatly enhanced individual liberty, shrinking the size of the government, government spending being dramatically cut -- will appeal, we believe, very strongly and very clearly to those folks who were predisposed to...

CAVUTO: Well, have you talked to -- have you talked them, Bob?

BARR: Oh, yes. We have been communicating with them very directly, both personally, as well as through our Internet operation.


CAVUTO: Have you talked to Ron Paul?

BARR: Yes. I saw Ron and talked with him just a few days ago.

CAVUTO: And what has he said? Will he back you?

BARR: Ron Paul is a very good friend of mine, I of his. He supports very much what we're doing. I support very much what he is doing. But I cannot speak in terms of what he might do formally for our campaign.

CAVUTO: But he seems to have informally told you that he would be rooting for you. Am I reading him correctly?

BARR: Well, he publicly, just on the news a few days ago, prior to his announcement that he would be suspending the operation, had some very kind things to say about Bob Barr and our campaign.

CAVUTO: All right.

When you were -- last year, Bob, when you were polling at 6 percent in national polls -- I know these things are all over the map -- right now, you're pulling at half that. And, of course, it could be all the attention given to Barack Obama lately, but, right now, Ralph Nader is ahead of you.

Are you slipping?

BARR: I don't think so. There are all sorts of polls out there.

There was another poll that was out there that showed that -- that, among true conservatives, I'm polling in double digits. These are very, very preliminary. What we're doing is, we are reaching out through an awful lot of meet-up groups that have formed, thousands of people that are coming to our Web site,

There are folks out there with independent operations that we think will generate a great deal of interest, a great deal of support as well.

CAVUTO: So, is it a great deal of interest? I have heard that you are close to or have already locked 48 states in which you can get on the ballots. Is that true?

BARR: We are working and -- along with the Libertarian Party, to be on the ballot, as we participate, in at least 49 states, and possibly all 50 states.

CAVUTO: All right, now, Oklahoma and West Virginia were the tough ones, I heard, or no?

BARR: Oklahoma is an extremely tough nut to crack, because the two parties there, the two status quo parties, make it almost impossible to get on the ballot. It may be that we will have to file a lawsuit in order to get on the ballot. But we intend to do everything we can to be on the ballot in all 50 states.

CAVUTO: Well, you have made tremendous progress. It's not too shabby. Getting on the ballot is half the battle.

Bob Barr, thank you very much.

BARR: Thank you, Neil.


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