Grilling Guru George Foreman

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, my next guest would probably tell you to stop playing those video games and just exercise.

George Foreman, of course, the former double boxing champ, grilling guru, a very rich guy, joins me right now.


CAVUTO: So, George, you're getting — you want to get kids out and exercise. You don't want them to play video games.

GEORGE FOREMAN, CO-CHAIRMAN, GEORGE FOREMAN ENTERPRISES: Oh, you know, so many kids now are so — they don't have any coordination, because they stay in the house so long. You try to teach them tennis. Even with my children, I have got to teach them to skip rope, all the things we had when we were young. They don't know how to skip rope or anything. So, you want to get them outside and play as much as possible.

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But don't get alarmed because of games either. I am old enough to remember they were saying the same things about Elvis music.

CAVUTO: Right. Yes.


FOREMAN: It was violent and...


CAVUTO: That is true. That is true. Everyone...


CAVUTO: This one is very, very violent, though. And I think that is where part of the controversy is.

As a reverend yourself, do you have a problem with that?

FOREMAN: Yes, you want to make certain that you spend a lot of time with your children.

I just wrote a book, "Fatherhood." And it's about what your kids need most, not a video game, but time with you. If you had time with fathers and moms, especially fathers, kids would not play any games. They would be hanging out with dad. So, if you're really worried about them, give them a little more time.


You and I were talking during the break, George. It was 40 years ago this summer you won the Olympic heavyweight gold medal.

FOREMAN: Olympic gold medal. I thought I was going to 19 forever.

CAVUTO: Yes. You were scowling back then.


FOREMAN: I was bad. I don't know why.

CAVUTO: Now you're — everyone loves you. So, you can — that is an amazing four-decade trajectory.

FOREMAN: Everywhere I go now, people offer me food. That's why.

CAVUTO: Do they really? Really?


FOREMAN: There was a time I could not even find a burger. There weren't many burger chains. Now I am happy-go-lucky guy, because people feed me.



CAVUTO: That is a great gig.


CAVUTO: That is a great gig.

But now you are sort of stepping back. You want to be very health- conscious. I know you're introducing these shakes. That's important.

But I remember you when were making your second quest for the title. You were — just had all these cheeseburgers, and you seemed to be doing everything bad, and you seemed to be doing just fine.

FOREMAN: People made a joke out of it. They say, how — how can you be heavyweight champ of the world, George? You're eating this cheeseburger. Your training camp is next to Baskin-Robbins.


FOREMAN: And they made a joke out of...


CAVUTO: I would be in Baskin-Robbins.


FOREMAN: But the point is that I was truly eating healthy.

I discovered the grilling to get the fat out of food. And now, with the new Life Shake, I'm getting nutrition, that people can take all the vitamins that I take every day in a shake. Shake it up. Take it with you. Even kids can use it without having any trace of the bad stuff...


CAVUTO: Yes. I know — it is Vitaquest are the people who are behind that?

FOREMAN: Yes, Vitaquest.


CAVUTO: Now, they were looking all over for who could — who could be the pitchman for this. And, apparently, it was a unanimous decision, Foreman. Find Foreman.


FOREMAN: And I put together all the vitamins. You know, I would sit up every morning, and take loads of vitamins, all the time.

CAVUTO: Did you really?

FOREMAN: Yes. If you're going to be champ of the world at 50, you better take some vitamins.

CAVUTO: Absolutely.

FOREMAN: And, so, we decided to take all the things that I'm accustomed to, even omega-3s, and put them into the shake, everything you need, because some people go on these diets, lose weight, and then gain it...


CAVUTO: Right. Right.

FOREMAN: But you want to have something consistent. This shake can be the most consistent thing for your health.

CAVUTO: You are still a pitchman, aren't you?

I have this inkling, George, if you don't mind. I know you are a reverend now, and I'm thinking of all of the controversy over the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. What do you think of him?

FOREMAN: You know, I have never heard him speak.

CAVUTO: Really? Never heard a lot of the stuff that is embarrassing Barack Obama now?


CAVUTO: Today, he — Obama kind of distanced himself from him.

FOREMAN: Yes, but I know three of the most patriotic senators ever, Senator Clinton, Obama, and...



CAVUTO: Who are you for?

FOREMAN: Wonderful people.

And McCain is — he is the top of patriotism. You can't say anything. These people love the country. So, no matter what you hear someone who is associated with them say, don't worry about it. They love the country, all three.

Too bad we can't have them all.

CAVUTO: All right. But do you have a preferred candidate?

FOREMAN: I love them both.


FOREMAN: At first, I was really a McCain man.


FOREMAN: And then I fell in love with all of them.

After just — they have been around so long, you have got to love them.

CAVUTO: So, you don't think this whole Jeremiah Wright stuff is going to hurt Obama?

FOREMAN: Oh, no.

CAVUTO: Because to a lot of — to a lot of folks, George, this whole Wright thing, he sounds crazy. Do you think he sounds crazy?

FOREMAN: Well, you have got to understand, I have been around for so many years, I have heard it all and seen it all. They come and they go.

But the ones who do some good, like Senator Clinton, Obama, and McCain, these people will be here for years. Love them. Don't worry about them. They will not lead you in a bad direction.

CAVUTO: But if you had a pastor who said crazy things, what would you do? You would beat him up, I guess.


FOREMAN: Yes, I would eat him.

CAVUTO: You would...


FOREMAN: Put some salt and pepper on him.

CAVUTO: All right. George, thank you very, very much.


CAVUTO: You know, I would like to sick you on O'Reilly while you are here, just for the heck of it. Where is he? We will find him.

Stick around. We have a lot more ahead.


FOREMAN: There's no spin with that guy.

CAVUTO: Yes, there you go.



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